Episode 2 – Bob Chapman on the Power of Listening and Caring

In this episode, Bob Chapman and I talk about the incredible power of listening and a leadership and humanistic skill that can heal relationships, workplaces and communities and the mission he’s on to change the world through Truly Human Leadership. I’m so inspired by the path Bob is paving for a better future for our kids and us all and have his book ridiculously highlighted and tabbed. It’s always uplifting and inspiring to talk with him -- and this conversation was no exception!

Giving Ourselves and Others Permission to FEEL

We are forever changed… The non-stop VUCA-extreme nature of 2020 sometimes has me feeling like I’m in a bad 1990’s infomercial…waiting for the man with the beard to say, “But wait; there’s more!” Sometimes I wonder how much more we can possibly bear. Other times, I’m able to rally and find hope. I constantly refer...

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