Episode 9 – Bryan Ungard on Paradigms, Waking Up, and Doing the Developmental Work So We Can Thrive and Flourish

Bryan is on a personal mission to wake us up from what he calls the “conscious flatlands”. In this episode, we have an insightful conversation about what it means to flourish and how important it is for us to wake-up on so many levels. On the individual level, we are largely being unconsciously run by our emotions and reacting to life. The problem is that, when there’s no pause between stimulus and response, we end up usually regretting it - either now or later. So we have to tend to the messy, uncomfortable, yet critically important, inner work in order to wake up and show up present, less reactive and more connected to others. On the organizational and societal level, we must be aware that how we engage with paradigms are shaping the outcome of our lives and that we have work to do if people are truly going to show up whole and expressing our uniqueness - at work and in the rest of their lives. This life-giving conversation will challenge your thinking and provide a new perspective of what it will collectively take for us to create a thriving future for us all.

Radio Interview: Kim Pagano Radio Show

I had a great conversation with Kim Pagano on her award-winning talk radio station 1590 KVTA. Kim focuses on bringing listeners “Experts and Reality” in an effort to educate moms, dads, children, and the entire community in useful daily knowledge. We had a great conversation about what it means to rehumanize our workplaces; why we...

Episode 8 – Safwan Shah on the Critical Role of Time in Restoring Livelihood and Humanity

In this episode, Safwan Shah and I talk about the importance of time and the critical role it plays in the livelihood of essential workers and the more than 90 million Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck. Safwan has unlocked a huge gap in the systems for how we receive our paychecks. He is an incredible example of what is possible when we get curious and follow our purpose and work to show up authentically in our lives. As a successful CEO, he also humbly shows his humanity and normalizes the universal experience of telling ourselves self-limiting stories. My eyes have been opened by Safwan’s work and how it can help restore humanity and help people feel they matter and be a little more whole. I hope you’ll leave our conversation enlightened and encouraged.

Episode 7 – Kristen Hadeed on Reframing Our Relationship and Narrative with Failure and Showing Up as Our Best Selves

In this episode, Kristen Hadeed talks about the importance of normalizing our humanity by reframing our relationship and narrative with failure. We also discuss the value of sharing our stories and creating a resiliency resume, being more intentional to set boundaries and tend to what we need to show up as our best, and setting intentions for how we show up so we can give others the gift of our full presence. I always walk away from any interaction with Kristen feeling grounded, more human and encouraged, and I know you’ll find hope, wisdom and some useful practices you can put into place to support you in showing up as your authentic, best self!

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