Episode 11 – Lisa Earle McLeod & Elizabeth Lotardo on Making a Difference by Showing Up Authentically and Anchoring on Our Noble Purpose

In this episode, I speak with Lisa McLeod and Elizabeth Lotardo about what it means to make a difference by leveraging our noble purpose and having the courage to show up as our authentic selves. Our noble purpose is how we make a difference when we’re at our best and in the service of something bigger than ourselves. While their work focuses on sales, we can all do this work (and need to do the work) to clarify our purpose and show up aligned with our best self and purpose. We also talk about how to scale this by moving from numbers and logic to emotion and belief, why The Greatest Showman is a metaphor for everything good in life, and tangible things we can do now to be more effective.

Episode 10 – Brandon Peele on Healing Our Divides and Fostering True Human Connection

In this episode, Brandon Peele and I talk about how to bring people together in a way that can begin to heal some of the great divides in our communities and country so we can find greater harmony...and he wants people to freely take what he’s doing and use it. Brandon is a unifier, activator, author and speaker who is on a mission to heal the divides in our nation by intentionally putting people together in small groups who are vastly different from one another - from different genders, generations, race, political ideologies, etc. to listen and learn from one another, and build empathy and respect by humanizing one another. We talk about what it takes to show up as a leader and be part of the solution, the importance of giving ourselves permission to feel the difficult emotions, what development is and why it’s needed (and how it’s different from learning and knowledge-building), and how critical it is to also focus on the culture and environment to create deliberate practices for change and humanity to take hold.

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