Episode 13 – Wendy Lynch on the Power of Listening, Asking Thoughtful Questions, and Getting to What Really Matters

Every conversation and interaction I have with Wendy Lynch is like a calming, warm hug! She is such an incredible leader who is so humble (as you’ll hear, she doesn’t even consider herself a leader). We talk about her work for getting to what matters and key tools we can all use to transform conversations in our lives. We use her tools as core content in our workshops on improved communication to help people have a common foundation for how to listen and create safe spaces for people to feel valued and heard. I think her work matters now more than ever (no pun intended) given how divisive our world has become. I hope you’ll leave our conversation uplifted, hopeful, and with tools to show up more intentionally and effectively in your conversations with others.

Episode 12 – Brian Mohr on the Power and Value of Creating Authentic Human Connection

I had so much fun talking with Brian Mohr! In this episode, we discuss how, since the dawn of time, human beings have been hardwired for connection and what it takes to create meaningful connections with others. This is especially true at work where we need to see people beyond the “boxes” they fill in an organizational chart. We also discuss the very real experience of technology fatigue and how we can use music and other common shared interests and experiences to foster meaningful connections with others. Brian is so real and authentically shares the inner work he has done and the common experience of imposter syndrome. I hope you’ll leave our conversation energized and inspired to be more intentional about how you connect with people in your life.

Podcast: Adapting with Alex Garrett

I had a fantastic conversation with Alex Garrett on his podcast. We talked about the adaptations that need to be made as we continue to usher in our next normal and the incredible need for greater humanity – seeing and honoring people as whole, unique human beings. We talk about the growing need to reduce...

Podcast: SuperPower Success

I had a wonderful conversation with Jaime Taets  on her SuperPower Success podcast. We talk about my growth journey, what it means to go into self-protective mode, and how to recognize and remedy it when we are triggered to self-protect. We also talk about the incredible value of giving ourselves permission to listen to our...

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