Episode 17 – Kari Warberg Block on Grounding Ourselves in Purpose and Authenticity

Whether we want to admit it or not, life will challenge us, throw us curve balls, and many times will leave us face down. The question is what we do when this happens. I had such a delightful conversation with the incredible Kari Warberg Block - CEO and Founder of EarthKind® and an incredible change-maker and force for good in the world. Her insights on anchoring on purpose, letting ourselves surrender to challenges and find the important lessons and growth, and showing up authentically - even when the world seems against us - are inspiring. Kari’s wisdom and stories have broad-reaching application. I know you’ll leave our conversation full of hope, encouragement, and perhaps giving yourself permission to stand more firmly in your purpose and values.

Episode 16 – Linda Riddell on Understanding and Addressing Scarcity and Poverty

Scarcity is a universal experience; we’ve all faced different types of it at different times. And during the pandemic, we all faced the scarcity of certainty - and how much extra effort and focus it takes for things. In this insightful conversation I had with Linda Riddell, she uses wonderful examples to help us understand what it’s actually like for people living in poverty and the challenges of chronic scarcity and overload. And she gives tangible things we all can do to be more aware, empathetic, inclusive, and helpful for the millions of people struggling financially. If you’re like me, you’ll leave this conversation awakened and hopefully looking for opportunities where you can show up as a leader and make a positive difference for others.

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