Episode 19 – Ask Me Anything Volume 1

Lately I’ve had several of my coaching clients say they need a “Rosie in their pocket” and have some sort of bobblehead or something with reminders to help them. After the laughter subsided, I thought maybe there’s another way. So I decided to put out an invitation to “Ask Me Anything” to the Show Up as a Leader Community, and there was a lot thrown at me. So this episode is for you...I covered how to make a difference when you don’t have the title or authority, how (and why) you can still show up courageously when others are armored, dealing with difficult people, and having conversations around important topics when you’re operating from a totally different paradigm than the other person. And, yes, by request, I take myself through the questions I ask every guest so you can know a little more about me. I hope you find some helpful insights and enjoy!

Episode 18 – Carley Kammerer on Wading in the Messy Middle and Finding Our Authentic Self

This is probably one of the most transparent, authentic, human conversations I’ve had yet on this podcast. Carley Kammerer, CEO of Wildflyer Coffee, openly shares her journey as a force trying to end youth homelessness and in reconnecting to who she is as a person and a leader. Her journey is so commonly human, and I know you’ll find yourself resonating with so much of it - from recognizing the limitations of showing up trying to be hyper-productive and all things to all people to giving ourselves permission to feel, be human and find and embrace our authentic selves. I hope you walk away from this conversation inspired, enlightened and embracing more of your own unique gifts.

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