Episode 21: Dr.Rosie Book Club – Boundary Boss

For the summer, we’re shifting gears from our regular format to do a mini book club. In this episode I’m talking about key insights from a fabulous new book that just came out this year - Boundary Boss by Terri Cole. This topic is so relevant and important for many of the clients I serve and coach - and for me personally. Terri teaches from a simple but pivotal premise: without healthy boundaries, you can’t live an authentic and fulfilled life. And this is especially true today for women - although I see it in men (and men can benefit from this book as well). I reflect on some key aspects of the book that I see as universal for so many human beings, why it matters and things to think about. I hope you gain some useful insights from this episode and would love to hear your thoughts as you read the book yourself.

Episode 20 – Jaime Taets on Embracing Our Humanity and Navigating Our Messy Journey to Success

I LOVED this conversation with my sister from another mister - Jaime Taets. She is a successful business owner, new author and all-around kick-ass human being. We talk about normalizing all the messiness of being human and the things we all go through that can keep us stuck. Jaime openly shares her own struggles and journey; she even shares her “Bad Moms” movie moment - losing it at a PTA meeting and lessons for saying “no” and setting healthy boundaries. There are so many great reminders and nuggets of wisdom in our conversation. I hope you walk away feeling a little less alone in your struggles and having insights for how to let your gifts shine.

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