Podcast: Human Capital Innovations with Jonathan Westover

I had a fantastic conversation with Jonathan Westover on his award-winning podcast. We talked about what it actually means to be human (spoiler alert, we’re social and emotional beings and it’s messy to be human). With that as context, we discuss the challenges our world continues to show us and the critical need to rethink...

Leading with the Heart with Rebecca Metter

Focusing on what is going well is a beautiful way to remind people of their ‘why’ - what is it that drew them to their profession in the first place. That’s the driving concept behind Wambi, an employee recognition platform for the healthcare industry. Wambi is a deeply emotional company and that’s why CEO Rebecca Metter is dedicated to leading it with heart. In this episode, Rebecca talks about the importance of showing your human side as a leader. Along the way, you’ll learn different ways to connect with your team and why love is an essential business principle.

Episode 32: Julie Bartkus on Detoxifying Your Organization

What pain points do you have in your organization that are holding you back? Julie Bartkus, a workplace transformation consultant, says to move forward you need to root out the cause of that pain. If you’re willing to be vulnerable and take a hard look at your organization, then you can put yourself in a position to change your business for the better. In this episode, Julie breaks down what it means to “detox” an organization. As you listen you’ll learn how to identify and eliminate the things that de-motivate your staff and get to a place where you can fall in love with your business all over again.

Episode 31: An End-of-Year Reflection

“Sometimes it's in the stillness, the spaces in between, where we find our most creative thoughts, our clearest thinking, our ideas, our commitment to what's next." That’s why Rosie is taking a moment to pause and reflect on all of the things she’s learned from a year of wonderful guests. Take a listen to hear what you might consider implementing in your leadership journey in 2022.

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