Creating Change Agents with Tammy Williams

A title doesn’t determine leadership, your behavior does. Tammy Williams, Vice President of Business Development at AriensCo, encourages people in her organization to lead from their position, no matter where they are in the company’s hierarchy. In this episode, Tammy shares stories about empowering her employees to take charge and participate in decisions that affect them. As you listen, you’ll learn how to build a common language in your organization to get everyone working toward the same goal.

Owning Your Leadership Style with Scott Ritzheimer

Every leader has their strengths and weaknesses. That’s why your team needs to be made up of people who balance each other out. Scott Ritzheimer is the CEO of Scale Architects, a company focused on helping businesses start, scale, and sustain their growth. A piece of the process is identifying the types of leaders in an organization to see where there might be gaps. In this episode, Scott breaks down four leadership styles and explains why each type has a role to play in a successful company. Listen in to learn what it takes to get your business ideas off the ground, across the finish line, and maintain growth.

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