Shifting From Me to We with Guillaume Wiatr

Almost every company proudly shares its story, but what about its narrative? Guillaume Wiatr, Founder of MetaHelm, says there’s a world of difference between the two. In this episode, Guillaume explains how focusing on your company’s narrative is the best way to align your business, internally and externally. As you listen, you’ll learn best practices for uncovering your narrative and be reminded of why intentional language is crucial.

The Power of Speaking Your Truth with Genevieve Georget & Corey Blake

“If we're not careful, we let other people create our stories for us. We need to make sure we're holding the pen and writing the best story possible.” Genevieve Georget, Executive Editor at Round Table Companies, is passionate about helping people claim ownership of their own narratives. She and Corey Blake, Founder and CEO of RTC, join us on this episode to discuss the power of storytelling. As you listen, you’ll learn about the endless and unexpected benefits of unearthing your heroic journey and speaking your truth.

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