Treating Employees Like the Humans They Are with Nicole D’Uva

Wellness programs used to consist of little more than a quarterly step challenge and blood pressure checks. Not anymore. Now, experts like Nicole D’Uva, Associate Vice President of Employee Health and LifeWork Strategies for Adventist HealthCare, are elevating what it means to focus on wellbeing. In this episode, Nicole starts with the basics—how caring about your people allows them to bring their best selves to work. Next she dives into some actionable strategies you can implement for setting healthy boundaries and creating support systems. Listen in to learn how to make you and your team more effective by creating space for humanity to shine.

The Mental, Physical, and Professional Benefits of Pausing with Chris Johnson

Why is taking a pause from work such an integral part of healthy business culture? Because in this VUCA world—volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous—your future success depends on your ability to navigate the chaos by finding time to pause. In this episode, Chris Johnson, Founder of Q4 Consulting, debunks the notion that multitasking is the key to success, and gives insight into how slowing down is fundamental in helping teams become more cohesive. Listen to hear about the biological repercussions of too much work and what techniques you can implement to make your teams, communities, and businesses overcome challenges.

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