Humans First, Employees Second with Gianna Driver

Diversity is key to the success of the organization. It fuels creativity and innovation by merging different perspectives and experiences. But empowering all members of the organization to embrace their whole authentic selves can be tricky if leaders don’t listen to their struggles and concerns. Amplifying the voices of marginalized groups and minorities can help the human power of a business reach its fullest potential. In this episode, Brian McComak, Founder and CEO of Hummingbird Humanity, breaks down the benefits of taking feedback when leading an organization with humanness. Tune in to learn more about how promoting a healthy dialogue can create a better environment for people to succeed.

Risk Taking, Innovation, and Leaving Your Comfort Zone with Caralyn Cooley

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable! Taking risks and forcing yourself to work outside your comfort zone is the best way to ensure your own personal and professional growth and your company's growth as a collective organization. In this episode, Caralyn Cooley, Chief People Officer with Bowery Farming, discusses her unconventional background and how she used it to enhance and inform the company culture at Bowery Farms. Listen in to learn why it is as equally essential to teach and develop your employees as it is to allow them to share their unique gifts and talents.

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