Designing Organizations to be Adaptive to Change with Brandi Olson

When important work is at stake, the only place it will get done is in reality, not in your head. So how do you take your big ideas and new initiatives and get them off the paper and fully implemented? Leadership coach and author, Brandi Olson, says the secret lies in effective prioritization and maximizing how value flows through your organization. In this episode, Brandi shares how she helps companies design their teams so they can get the right work done faster and better. Listen in for an in-depth discussion on adapting to change and understanding how to make room for focused work.

Celebrating Your Vulnerability as a Leader with Emilia D’Anzica & Sabina Pons

Many people think good leadership leaves no room for vulnerability. But in reality, the right level of empathy and humanness makes a workplace safe and inclusive. In this episode,  Emilia D’Anzica and  Sabina Pons, Co-Founders of Growth Molecules, discuss the importance of nurturing our authenticity and taking care of ourselves while working in a highly competitive environment. Listen to learn how to maintain an authentically friendly but firm presence through the experiences of two successful leaders, authors, and mothers.

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