Rosie in My Pocket: Reframing Limited Thinking

In this heartfelt episode, Rosie shares a powerful life and leadership lesson from a conversation with her son, Peyton. Tune in as Rosie guides Peyton towards a mindset shift, encouraging him to focus on gratitude and cherishing the present moment rather than being paralyzed by fear and anxiety. This reflection prompts Rosie to explore how often we fall into self-limiting stories that lead to worry and anxiousness, preventing us from fully embracing life.

Bridging the Gap for Effective Leadership in the Workplace with Ophelia Byers

In this episode, Rosie discusses the inner game of leadership with Ophelia Byers, CNO of Atlantic Health System and Founder & Principal of SitchRoom LLC. Together, they talk through self-awareness and owning emotions and limitations for effective leadership, aligning intentions and impact, prioritizing on-the-job growth, and supporting employees in applying their learnings. Check out this episode to understand the need for and significance of clear expectations, shared mental models, and relationship-based leadership.

Rosie in My Pocket: Going First

In this short episode, Rosie explores the value of going first and stepping into the arena, drawing inspiration from an unexpected source—penguins! Discover how the act of going first can be a catalyst for incredible breakthroughs in teams and relationships, fostering a culture of courageous vulnerability. By modeling courage and sharing our authentic thoughts and struggles, we create a ripple effect, granting permission for others to do the same.

Build Your Own Yellow Brick Road

When’s the last time you let yourself dream big – I mean really dream? I’m not talking about having a moment where you wish for something more but then just as quickly short-circuit it with dismissive thoughts. I’m talking about holding space to let yourself really envision a bigger, brighter future. In his book, The...

Psychological Safety & Impression Management Are Crucial For Organizations

In this episode, Stephan Wiedner takes us on a profound exploration of impression management - how recognizing and addressing our internal dialogue is pivotal for personal growth and success, as we uncover the flaws, negativity, and self-sabotage often embedded in our formative years. Listen in to learn the detrimental impact of impression management on organizational time and energy, and gain valuable insights into the significance of addressing internal struggles before skill-building.

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