Title slide: Advocating for Parents in the Workplace. Hot pink background with inset picture of Ashley Quinto Powell, Founder of myVA.rocks.

Advocating for Parents in the Workplace with Ashley Quinto Powell

Ashley Quinto Powell, founder of My VA Rocks, is a self-advocacy expert, speaker, and the author of "Executive Motherhood.” She is passionate about being a mom and believes that women should be able to pursue motherhood and have successful careers in middle and senior-level management. She joins Rosie Ward to discuss the importance of advocating for oneself as a parent, the impact of COVID-19 on women in the workforce, and the need to support parents in the executive pipeline. They also delve into the power of delegation, the inspiring story of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the crucial role of being an ally to parents. Stay tuned for an enlightening conversation on creating a culture that protects and supports parents in the workplace. Let's dive in!

Calling Others to Greatness with pictures of Dr. Rosie Ward and Nikki Lewallen Gregory

Courageous Leadership Series: Calling Others to Greatness

In this special bonus episode, host Rosie Ward is joined by friend, fellow podcaster, and Founder and Chief Meaningful Work Officer at the PeopleForward Network, Nikki Lewallen Gregory, for a conversation around courageous leadership. They discuss the importance of mindset shifts, the dangers of taking responsibility for others' outcomes, and common mistakes leaders make when trying to inspire greatness. Tune in as Rosie Ward and Nikki shares their insights and experiences on how to effectively call others to their own path of greatness. Get ready for a conversation filled with valuable nuggets that can transform your leadership approach.

Rosie in My Pocket: Team Effectiveness Exercise

In this episode, Rosie delves into psychological safety and its significance within various aspects of our lives. She introduces a powerful exercise that promotes open conversations about our emotional triggers and self-protective behaviors. She guides listeners through a step-by-step process where individuals share the stories they create when feeling triggered, the outward signs that indicate their self-protective mode, and how they'd like others to support them in realigning with their authentic selves.

Preventing Burnout and Elevating Energy Levels with Neha Sangwan

Dr. Neha Sangwan, CEO and founder of Intuitive Intelligence, is an internal medicine physician, international speaker, executive coach, corporate communication expert, and author. She consults with organizations such as the American Heart Association, American Express, Apple, Kaiser Permanente, and Google—and has shared her journey on the stages of TEDx Berkeley, TEDx San Luis Obispo, and TEDx Babson. Neha joins Rosie Ward to discuss burnout, the various types of boundaries, their impact on our well-being, and the importance of practical strategies for setting boundaries and advocating for ourselves. Neha emphasizes the need to trust intuition and recognize where our energy levels are ebbing and flowing. Get ready to be inspired! In her new book, Powered by Me: From Burned Out to Fully Charged at Work and in Life, Dr. Sangwan provides a scientifically sound alternative to stress: a customized path to personal power from the inside out.

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