Rosie in My Pocket: Resilience

The unfiltered reality of life is acknowledging that challenges are inevitable. Rosie explores courage and how the true test lies in our ability to rise after every fall. She discusses the tendency to be derailed by negative emotions, anxiety, and feelings of hopelessness during tough times. Drawing from the wisdom of a friend, she introduces the idea of a "resilience resume" – a compilation of past hardships, lessons learned, and personal growth.

How to Foster a Feedback Culture

How to Foster a Feedback Culture with Jennifer Loper

Jennifer Loper, president of a marketing agency C3, and Rosie Ward are keen on normalizing the messiness of being human. In this episode, we're going into rich dialogue on the concept of "truth with care" and why it's crucial in both our personal and professional relationships. Together, they will uncover why feedback, even if delivered clumsily, should be seen as a gift, and why avoiding giving feedback is more harmful to our relationships. They will also delve into deep conversations about being nice versus being kind, the risk of being kind, and the importance of open and clear communication.

RIMP: Sorry for the Delay

Rosie in My Pocket: Sorry for the Delay

In this episode, Rosie addresses the common struggle many people face when it comes to practicing deliberate self-care. She challenges the narrative that prioritizing self-care is selfish and emphasizes that it is, in fact, an act of love and care for others. Rosie encourages listeners to reframe self-care as a critical element of becoming the best version of themselves and serving others effectively.

By taking intentional steps to prioritize self-care, Rosie suggests that individuals can experience a positive shift in their energy levels and reduced feelings of resentment. She invites listeners to share their experiences as they put this concept into practice and reminds them that tending to their self-care needs allows their inner sparkle to shine even brighter. Join Rosie in exploring the transformative power of self-care and its impact on personal well-being and relationships.

Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs

Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs with Jeff Eschliman

Jeff Eschliman is a remarkable individual whose life story is grounded in personal experiences. He often compares his life to spinning plates as he juggles multiple roles: a dedicated corporate executive, a loving husband, and a committed father. Before reaching the point of burnout, Jeff embarked on a transformative journey, seeking answers to profound questions about the meaning of life. His exploration led him to discover a profound desire for change. Rosie dives deep into the importance of self-reflection and creating space for it, while Jeff shares his journey of overcoming self-limiting beliefs and becoming a lifelong learner. Together, they explore the power of embracing our humanity and challenging societal narratives. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and empowered to show up as a leader in all aspects of your life. Join them for this insightful conversation!

Catching Yourself with Dr. Chris Johnson

Catching Yourself with Dr. Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson, author of "The Leadership Pause" and the owner of Q4-Consulting, is a renowned leader, advocate for self-care, and understands the importance of working well with our energy. Whether it be leading a large organization, a small department, or even a community project, Chris believes that addressing the cumulative stress in our lives is essential to avoid burnout. Drawing a parallel between our inner energy and the batteries in our phones, she emphasizes the need to recharge ourselves regularly. However, Chris believes that self-care goes beyond simply knowing its importance; it begins with learning to catch ourselves being ourselves. Sharing a captivating story, Chris takes us on a journey that promises to transform our approach to leadership and self-care.

Introducing: Energy, Connection & Courage at Work

In our ever-evolving business landscape, organizations and teams are facing misalignment, burnout, friction, ineffective communication, drama, toxicity, and high turnover unlike ever before. Energy, Connection, and Courage is a NEW series created to address three concepts that have emerged as the cornerstone for achieving excellence: Energy, Connection, and Courage. Hosts Rebecca Johnson and Natalie Johnson of Vidl Work are passionate about championing change in your workplace, challenging your perspective, and equipping you with tools to unlock the full potential of your organization (and your life!). Listen to the WHY for creating this series and what you can expect from episodes.

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