Maximizing our Impact as Leaders with Miriam Meima

Maximizing Our Impact as Leaders with Miriam Meima

Miriam Meima, a coach and facilitator for over 20 years, has a niche for studying the overlap between business and psychology. In this episode, Miriam and Rosie talk about setting boundaries, aligning intentions with impact, and the simple yet profound practice of acknowledging others. Miriam illustrates how we can start maximizing rather than minimizing our impact by crafting the world around us, leaving imprints on the hearts and minds of those we might never know we've touched.

Unearth Your Purpose

Go Mining: Unearth Your Purpose with Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson, author of "The Leadership Pause" and the owner of Q4-Consulting, is a renowned executive leadership coach, psychologist, and consultant. She explores the transformative power of pausing, reflecting, and discovering one's unique purpose. Emphasizing the importance of aligning purpose with personal values and motivations, she provides a thought-provoking practice for listeners to engage in introspection. Through this insightful discussion, Chris guides us to explore our purpose as leaders and fully authentic individuals in this episode.

RIMP Not Foreboding Joy

Rosie in My Pocket: Not Foreboding Joy

Rosie Ward shares her insights on the value of intentionally leaning into gratitude as a remedy for foreboding joy. She delves into the vulnerability of experiencing joy and how we sometimes hold back from fully embracing it, fearing potential future disappointments. She invites us to notice where we may be foreboding joy in our own lives and challenges us to express gratitude as a way to lean into and feel the joy more fully. Rosie's message is a reminder to actively practice gratitude and allow ourselves to embrace joy, ultimately letting our sparkle shine. Join us on this journey of learning and inspiration as we explore her teachings on leadership and living a fulfilled life.

Christie Garcia

Transforming Ego into Strength with Christie Garcia

Christie Garcia is a passionate and introspective thought leader whose journey began with a deep dive into the intricacies of the human ego. Recognizing the reactive and emotionally charged nature of modern life, Christie became fascinated by the unintentional behaviors, mindsets, and beliefs often unknowingly cultivated within individuals and organizations. Her curiosity was first sparked by a personal exploration of her own ego, which led to a broader understanding that these patterns were not only typical but a fundamental aspect of societal and business structures.

In this episode, Rosie and Christie discuss the imperative of showing up fully and authentically, not just for ourselves, but to create a positive ripple effect in our world. They highlight the significance of owning our actions as a pathway to a more human workplace and delve into the three ego types that Christie identifies – the complier, the protector, and the controller. If not balanced, each of these can transform from strengths to detrimental behaviors in leadership. Let’s get started!

Vidl Physical Energy

Physical Energy with Rebecca Johnson and Natalie Johnson

Rebecca Johnson and Natalie Johnson from Vidl Work continue their conversation about energy, focusing specifically on physical energy. The discussion delves into the crucial role of physical energy in navigating work and personal life, as well as the impact it has on emotional well-being. They share personal experiences with burnout and the strategies they have implemented to recharge their physical energy, emphasizing the importance of setting boundaries and having difficult conversations. Tune in for an engaging discussion on energy, connection, and courage at work with practical insights for maximizing your impact as a leader.

Rosie in My Pocket: Body Wisdom

Rosie Ward is full of insights on the importance of leveraging our body wisdom. She challenges us to pay attention to the signals our bodies are sending us and to use that as a source of wisdom. She emphasizes the significance of slowing down, listening to our bodies, and being more self-aware. Tune in to discover how embracing and acting on our body's wisdom can lead to greater self-reflection and intentionality in our leadership journey. So, grab some inspiration and get ready to add a little sparkle to your day as we delve into the power of embracing our body wisdom.

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