Leadership and Energy Bodies

Leadership and Energy Bodies with Chris Johnson

In this episode, Chris Johnson delves into the topic of energy management and its crucial role in leadership. Drawing from the experiences of renowned leaders like Helena Helmerson and Jacinda Ardhurn, Dr. Johnson explores the impact of energy on leadership effectiveness and provides insights into how leaders can optimize their energy to positively influence their teams and organizations.

The Leadership Pause series unpacks what it means to be fully human and access the best of who we are as leaders. Chris gives a deliberate practice that we can try on at the end and apply so that we can show up as more embodied learners and leaders in our lives. Take a listen.

RIMP Destination Disease

Rosie in My Pocket: Destination Disease

Rosie Ward delves into the concept of "destination disease," where we become so focused on reaching our goals that we lose sight of the valuable journey along the way. By sharing her heart and insights, Rosie encourages leaders to embrace the learning, growth, and relationships that make the journey worthwhile. She challenges her audience to circumvent the destination disease and let their sparkle shine along the way.

Leading with Purpose and Courage

Leading with Purpose and Courage with Nell Derick Debevoise

Nell Derick Debevoise has charted a trajectory of impacting change through purpose-driven efforts. In this episode of Show Up as a Leader, Nell joins Rosie Ward to talk about redefining what courage is and isn't. They also break down what purpose is and isn't and how we can depressurize purpose and turn it into something very tangible and actionable. Together, Rosie and Nell dissect the underpinnings of a culture that champions individual contribution, the alignment of personal and corporate purpose, and the overarching impact of leading from a place of true self. Join them for the purpose party that they're inviting you to.

Emotional Energy

Emotional Energy with Rebecca Johnson and Natalie Johnson

Rebecca Johnson and Natalie Johnson from Vidl Work continue their conversation about energy, focusing this time on emotional energy. Stacy Bick joins the conversation to explore the importance of acknowledging, processing, and reframing emotions in the workplace, and how doing so can lead to higher engagement and performance. Gain valuable insights and practical tips for navigating emotional energy in your professional and personal life in the Energy, Connection, and Courage series.

Rosie in My Pocket: From I to You

In this episode, Rosie shares her insights on the power of shifting from "I" to "You" in our communication. She challenges listeners to examine their emails, marketing content, and website messaging to create a sense of connection for the individual. Join Rosie on this journey of self-discovery and learn how this simple shift can profoundly impact how we engage with others.

David Gorsage

Cultivating the Extraordinary Leader Within with David Gorsage

Striving for 'good to great' isn't enough in our rapidly evolving world. In this episode, David Gorsage and Rosie Ward delve into the incremental steps you can take to become extraordinary. David shares his perspective on elevating unique team member abilities, the importance of one-on-one meetings, and the impact of communication on leadership effectiveness. David gives a lot of great tangible things we can do incrementally to get rid of what he calls our head trash and to start to show up as extraordinary.

You Have a Voice – and it Matters!

Between all of the disconnection and chaos that is happening in the world and the almost daily conversations I’m having with leaders and teams lately, I’ve been thinking about the power of using our voice in productive ways and what holds us back and gets in our way. Do any of the following sound familiar...

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