The Portal to Perspective: Working with Triggers with Chris Johnson

In this episode, Dr. Chris offers key strategies for managing triggers and enhancing leadership presence. She delves into how leaders can reframe their view of stress, face triggers, and utilize them to foster growth and adaptability. Chris, renowned executive leadership coach, psychologist, and consultant shares practices to help leaders not only be more self-aware but also adept at navigating the complexities of modern organizational landscapes.

Rosie in My Pocket: Permission to be New

In this episode, Rosie Ward explores the often-overlooked courage of being new. She unravels the undue pressures individuals place on themselves to excel instantly in new roles or skills. Through compelling anecdotes and actionable advice, she educates on the necessity of embracing imperfections when setting boundaries, clear expectations, or engaging in growth-focused feedback discussions.

The Power of Taking Ownership with Adrian Koehler

Adrian Koehler, the founder of Take New Ground, has a powerful way of looking at ownership and an approach to crushing despair. In this episode with host Dr. Rosie Ward, Adrian shares his journey of overcoming "life lies" and discusses the power of living authentically even when feeling like a leader is challenging. They tackle the tough topics of workplace dynamics, the importance of emotional ownership, and how honest self-assessment can lead to lasting personal and professional growth.

Rosie in My Pocket: When Others Deflect Growth Feedback

In this episode, Dr. Rosie Ward tackles the challenge of dealing with defensive reactions to growth feedback. Rosie emphasizes the importance of learning to constructively receive difficult feedback, a skill she deems vital for successful leadership and personal development. Rosie's own experiences become the focal point, offering listeners actionable steps for cultivating a culture that embraces challenging feedback. Utilizing anecdotes from her professional practice and parenting, Rosie effectively dismantles the barriers to growth, inspiring her audience to transform feedback into a catalyst for letting their "sparkle shine.”

Empathy at Work with Rebecca Johnson, Natalie Johnson and Lorraine Williams

With decades of cumulative experience fostering high-functioning teams, Lorraine Williams delves into the transformative journey of self-awareness and empathetic interaction, drawing from her tenure as an executive director managing over 1400 people. This episode illuminates the art of "leaving other people feeling felt," creating spaces for emotional expression devoid of judgment, and embracing the truths of others. Listen in as Lorraine shares her story with vidl work colleagues and hosts Rebecca and Natalie as they discuss the intrapersonal revelations and real-world anecdotes that underscore the skill of empathy—a vital tool for authentic connection, promoting a thriving workplace culture.

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