Balancing Accountability and Compassion in Leadership with Jeff Fortner

Jeff Fortner, Clinical and HR Director at Indiana Internal Medicine Consultants, joins host Rosie Ward to discuss the power of living authentically and leading with vulnerability. Jeff, coming from a multicultural, multinational family with five kids, three of whom are adopted, shares his heartwarming journey and the lessons he's learned along the way. Rosie emphasizes the importance of authenticity and the need for leaders to humanize themselves through difficult conversations.

In this episode, Jeff delves into his self-limiting story of transitioning into a new role in healthcare without a clinical background, highlighting how he overcame challenges by seeking feedback and understanding from his team.

Jeff shares practical advice on transparency and the significance of face-to-face contact with employees. He stresses the need to provide different avenues for team feedback and the importance of circling back to it, ensuring intentional action is taken.

The episode wraps up with candid insights and heartfelt experiences from Jeff, underscoring the key takeaway that showing up as a decent human being is foundational to effective leadership.

Fostering Alignment and Clarity Amidst Change

Learn about how to foster clarity and alignment especially amidst change. By weaving practical insights with real-life experiences, our hosts underscore the importance of establishing and operationalizing your "lighthouse" – a concept representing an organization's core values and guiding principles. This episode is a treasure trove for leaders striving to create a unified, value-driven, and effective team environment.

Rosie in My Pocket: Ingredients to Be My Best

Rosie Ward takes us on a journey through the essential facets of self-care and personal leadership. Rosie underscores the importance of putting on "our own oxygen masks" first, likening it to the crucial practice of self-care. She delves into a simple yet impactful exercise called "Ingredients to Be My Best," encouraging listeners to identify key factors that help them optimize their performance. Show up as your best by incorporating self-care, personal leadership, authenticity, and maximum impact. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to enhance their leadership abilities and bring intentionality to their daily routines. Rosie Ward's heartfelt and practical advice will inspire you to show up as your best, fully authentic self. Tune in and learn how to let your sparkle shine!

Introducing: Elevate Your Leadership with Rana DeBoer

Rosie Ward, the host of "Show Up as a Leader," welcomes her dear friend Rana DeBoer, co-founder of Volt Strategy, to introduce the exhilarating new series, "Elevate Your Leadership."

Rana DeBoer transforms corporate cultures through a unique blend of behavioral science and business strategy. If you’re a leader looking to elevate your skills and build future-ready organizations fueled by excellence, tune in to learn how to propel your company forward into peak performance.

In this episode, Rosie and Rana highlight the critical elements of the "Peak Leader Model," a unique framework blending behavioral science with business strategy. Learn how being purpose-driven, energetically fulfilled, aware, action-oriented, and insatiably curious can significantly elevate your leadership skills. The conversation explores practical ways to enhance leadership capacity, achieve peak moments, and leverage energy rituals for sustained performance.

Creating Human Workplaces Through Authenticity and Joy

Creating Human Workplaces Through Authenticity and Joy with Claire Chandler

Claire Chandler joins Rosie to talk about key elements of leadership development and organizational culture. Celebrating ten years as a solopreneur, Claire shares insights from her new book, "Growth on Purpose," and discusses the challenges of losing talent, high turnover, and low engagement in organizations. Claire introduces her four pillars of culture methodology—Aspiration, Awareness, Acceleration, and Alignment—to address these issues. She emphasizes overcoming imposter syndrome, authentic leadership, and creating joyful work environments. Rosie and Claire highlight aligning purpose, people, process, and performance for organizational success. Listen in to learn how authentic leadership and purpose-driven culture can inspire employees and drive impactful growth.

Candor with Rebecca Johnson, Natalie Johnson and Michelle Spehr

Michelle Spehr knows about truth with care. With a rich background in communication, Michelle joins Rebecca and Natalie Johnson from Vidl Work on the Energy, Connection, and Courage at Work series to explain why radical candor is vital for effective teamwork and personal growth. She discusses the neuroscience behind communication, including how to avoid triggering others' self-protection modes, and shares a personal story that highlights the importance of delivering truth with care. This episode underscores how practicing candor fosters energy, connection, and courage in professional settings.

Rosie in My Pocket: Kintsugi

In this episode, Rosie Ward emphasizes the importance of embracing imperfections inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi. Rosie reflects on the beauty of allowing one's flaws and scars to be visible rather than hiding them in pursuit of unattainable perfection. Through small doses of learning and inspiration, Rosie challenges listeners to leverage their imperfections to show up as the best version of themselves in the world.

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