Resourcing Energy Renewal in Nature with Chris Johnson

From a serene childhood on a Midwestern farm to guiding leaders today, Chris Johnson has always found wisdom in nature. In this episode of the "Leadership Pause," Chris explores the rejuvenating power of nature and how it can profoundly impact leadership.

Discover how reconnecting with nature can help regulate our nervous systems, improve emotional resilience, and foster better relationships. With stories from her own childhood, Chris illustrates the transformational effects of embracing our natural surroundings.

Tune in to learn the importance of returning to our natural rhythms and how embodying the resilience of nature can enhance your leadership and personal well-being .

Rosie in My Pocket: Helping & Fixing vs. Serving

The impact of our word choices is profound. With years of experience guiding clients and colleagues, Rosie shares her insights into the crucial distinction between helping, fixing, and serving.

Learn why helping can unintentionally position others as weak and fixing can make them feel broken.

Through Rosie's nuanced discussion, leaders will discover how shifting towards a mindset of service allows them to see others—and themselves—as whole and complete.

Challenge yourself when using helping or fixing language by replacing it with words of service. This kind of transformative language can lead to significant changes in how we interact with others, fostering a more empowering and supportive leadership style.

Learn how adopting a service-oriented approach can amplify your leadership impact.

Re-Release: Bridging the Gap Between Caring About and Caring For with Jen Marr

Jen's life changed drastically when she found herself assisting in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting, and four months later, she was nearing the finish line when the Boston Marathon bombing occurred. In the wake of those tragedies, Jen found that while so many people said they cared, those affected did not feel cared for. Since then, she has dedicated her time to bridging the gap between caring and feeling cared for and has developed a system to train people how to connect better. In this popular re-released episode, Jen Marr, author, founder and CEO of Inspiring Comfort, and trauma survivor, explains how leaders can cultivate and understand the power of making real, human connections. Listen in to learn the skills needed to build empathic cultures to rehumanize not just our workplaces, but our families and communities.

People Buy You First

In this episode host Rana DeBoer shares actionable insights to help you elevate your leadership game.

Rana sheds light on the intent, influence, and impact formula that leaders can use to drive greater results and outperformance within their teams and organizations.

She emphasizes the importance of being purpose-driven, energy-fueled, action-orientated, and knowledge-hungry—components of her "peak leadership" approach grounded in over 25 years of coaching experience.

Listeners will learn practical tips like setting clear intentions before meetings and conversations, understanding their unique influence, and consistently checking for impactful results in leadership interactions.

Don't miss this episode for an enriching leadership coaching experience that prepares you for future-ready organizational culture.

Courage: Part 1 with Rebecca Johnson, Natalie Johnson and Joe Rea

Joe Rea is a passionate leader in the behavioral health sector who exemplifies courageous leadership in action. In this episode, hosts Rebecca Johnson and Natalie Johnson explore the multifaceted role of courage in the workplace.

Joe delves into his evolution as a leader, sharing invaluable insights on how integrity and vulnerability shape effective leadership. Joe emphasizes that true leadership is observed through actions, not just words, and discusses the importance of aligning personal values with professional responsibilities.

Rebecca and Natalie probe deeper into the nuances of courageous decisions, touching upon the concepts of discomfort and risk. They challenge listeners to reflect on when to take risks for the greater good and when to strategically navigate institutional limitations.

This episode also makes critical connections between individual energy, team connection, and organizational courage, offering a holistic view for listeners aiming to build high-performing teams.

Rosie in My Pocket: Law of Diffusion of Innovation

Embark on a transformative journey with Rosie Ward in this episode where she unpacks the powerful Law of Diffusion of Innovation. Rosie beautifully illustrates how change propagates through a population in an engaging and authentic manner. With a bell-shaped curve as her guide, she explains the importance of focusing on innovators and early adopters rather than being bogged down by skeptics and naysayers. Rosie highlights the strategy of grassroots organizing to build momentum and bring the early and late majority on board. Tune in to this succinct yet profound teaching and discover how to channel your energy towards those who will help you build a thriving culture of change.

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