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Advocating for Parents in the Workplace with Ashley Quinto Powell

Ashley Quinto Powell, founder of My VA Rocks, is a self-advocacy expert, speaker, and the author of "Executive Motherhood.” She is passionate about being a mom and believes that women should be able to pursue motherhood and have successful careers in middle and senior-level management. She joins Rosie Ward to discuss the importance of advocating for oneself as a parent, the impact of COVID-19 on women in the workforce, and the need to support parents in the executive pipeline. They also delve into the power of delegation, the inspiring story of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the crucial role of being an ally to parents. Stay tuned for an enlightening conversation on creating a culture that protects and supports parents in the workplace. Let's dive in!

Guest Info

Ashley Quinto Powell, Founder of myVA.rocks

Headshot photo of Ashley Quinto Powell. Ashley has long blond hair, is wearing her signature red glasses with a black top and large pearl necklace.

Ashley Quinto Powell is dedicated to empowering leaders to reach for more, never settling for less. As the visionary founder of myVA.rocks in 2021, she foresaw a troubling trend during the pandemic—a mass departure of remarkable women from the workforce. Simultaneously, she spotted an untapped wellspring of talent within the remote workforce. This keen insight led her to orchestrate powerful working relationships between elite remote talent and business owners who hadn't yet grasped the transformative potential of such a solution. Time and time again, her initiatives exceeded expectations, resulting in remarkable outcomes.

At myVA.rocks, she nurtures a distinguished community of top-tier talent, connecting them with an ever-expanding, cross-industry clientele. Initially sought after for optimizing business operations, her clients soon discover the profound potential of their collaboration. The transformation that unfolds is nothing short of magical.

Beyond entrepreneurship, she commands national recognition as a keynote speaker, captivating audiences at universities and corporations. Her presentations, infused with humor and inspiration, tackle pivotal topics such as productivity, community building, and the unique challenges of executive motherhood. Her literary prowess shines as well, with her book, "Executive Motherhood," available on Amazon in multiple formats and hailed as a groundbreaking work.

Show Notes

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Flexibility is key: By prioritizing personal obligations, offering flexible schedules, and not mandating meetings, they create a culture that values work-life balance.
  • Break self-limiting beliefs: Challenge your own beliefs and strive for greatness.
  • Support parents in the workplace: From flexible schedules and adequate maternity leave to eliminating biases and offering family-friendly policies, organizations must foster an environment where parents can thrive.

Things to listen for:

[4:56] Company stability hinges on the treatment of parents.

[7:29] Gender double standard in parenting and work.

[10:31] VA Rocks founder went virtual due to pandemic stresses.

[15:02] Leadership mindset: Balcony view, self-care, and allies.

[20:24] Flexibility valued, trust in employees, toxic workplace transition.

[24:03] Long notice, successful transition, valued team member.

[26:26] Overcoming self-limiting beliefs; inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

[30:54] "Friendship at work crucial for happiness"

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