Embracing Authentic Leadership

Embracing Authentic Leadership with Chris Allaire

Chris Allaire doesn't just preach authentic leadership; he lives it, saying we must stay authentic in leadership, especially when times get tough. In the latest episode of Show Up as a Leader, the CEO of Averity, a trailblazing technology staffing company, captures the essence of what it means to be true to oneself while steering a successful business. Host Rosie Ward delves deep into Chris's principles during tough times, unearthing strategies for fostering a positive culture and building resilience in the face of adversity. In a relatable and engaging dialogue, Chris reaffirms the importance of aligning one's actions with core principles and maintaining a strong sense of "why" through all of the business ebbs and flows.

RIMP Not Forcing Next Steps

Rosie in My Pocket: Not Forcing Next Steps

In this episode, Rosie Ward discusses the common tendency of action bias and the importance of taking the time to gain clarity before rushing into the next steps. Rosie shares her insights on allowing thoughts to form, sitting with important questions, and trusting that the next steps will reveal themselves without forcing them.

The Power of Storytelling

The Power of Storytelling with Kimberly Spencer

Kimberly Spencer, an acclaimed high-performance coach and speaker, joins Rosie Ward on "Show Up as a Leader" to unpack the compelling role of storytelling in personal growth and organizational culture. She reflects on her journey and illustrates the impact of 'plagiarized programming'—the stories we adopt from our past—on our behaviors and identities. Rosie and Kimberly stress the importance of aligning personal values with those of the organization and the transformative effect this can have on workplace environments. They address the challenge of self-limiting beliefs and the necessity of aligning people with roles that ignite their potential.

Become a Feedback Master

Become a Feedback Master

How do you Become a Feedback Master?

Giving and embracing feedback in the workplace can be an intricate dance. And if you are using the sandwich method, you need to listen to this bonus episode. Nikki Lewallen Gregory and Dr. Rosie Ward share their profound understanding of feedback's powerful role in leadership development and team dynamics. The pair delve into the heart of feedback culture—where openness and the courage to speak truthfully are the cornerstones of growth. Throughout their conversation, Rosie emphasizes the need for leaders to lean into feedback as a transformative tool, framing it as a gift that encourages self-awareness and empowerment. She casts light on the practical implementation of a feedback culture through concepts such as the "square squad.”

Protect Your Energy

Protecting Your Energy with Chris Johnson

Are you protecting and renewing your energy to prevent burnout? In this episode, Chris introduces the concept of protecting your energy. She shares how it affects leadership, providing practical tips you can use to recognize and address energy drains. She also highlights the importance of full engagement in the present moment and offers a deliberate practice for us to implement.

Better Decisions with Paul Epstein

Rosie in My Pocket: Better Decisions with Paul Epstein

With over 35,000 decisions made each day, Paul Epstein wants to help us navigate through the decision-making process faster. In this episode, Paul author and former executive in the NFL and NBA joins host Rosie Ward.

Together, they delve into the topic of decision-making and the impact it has on our lives. Paul shares insightful strategies and practical tools to make better decisions faster, based on his expertise in high-stakes environments.

Jaime Taets pictured with podcast title: How Culture Shapes Business Success

How Culture Shapes Business Success with Jaime Taets

Jaime Taets firmly believes that a company's culture is not just one piece of the strategic puzzle but the critical framework required for building a successful business. In this episode of "How Culture Shapes Business Success," Jaime and Rosie engage in a fun and insightful conversation about the critical role of culture. They discuss how to look at it from a big-picture perspective and break it down into simple, tangible actions anyone can take. Whether you are a formal or informal leader, they provide tips on how developing your influential power can ignite your team's performance.

Framing Conversations

Rosie in My Pocket: Framing Conversations

In this episode, Rosie Ward talks about the importance of framing a conversation. She shares powerful insights about it’s power both personal and professional conversations. Drawing from her own experiences, she shares practical tips for everything from emails and texts to catching someone on the fly that set a positive tone and reduce unnecessary drama or fear.

Leadership and Energy Bodies

Leadership and Energy Bodies with Chris Johnson

In this episode, Chris Johnson delves into the topic of energy management and its crucial role in leadership. Drawing from the experiences of renowned leaders like Helena Helmerson and Jacinda Ardhurn, Dr. Johnson explores the impact of energy on leadership effectiveness and provides insights into how leaders can optimize their energy to positively influence their teams and organizations.

The Leadership Pause series unpacks what it means to be fully human and access the best of who we are as leaders. Chris gives a deliberate practice that we can try on at the end and apply so that we can show up as more embodied learners and leaders in our lives. Take a listen.

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