Build Your Own Yellow Brick Road

When’s the last time you let yourself dream big – I mean really dream? I’m not talking about having a moment where you wish for something more but then just as quickly short-circuit it with dismissive thoughts. I’m talking about holding space to let yourself really envision a bigger, brighter future. In his book, The...

Psychological Safety & Impression Management Are Crucial For Organizations

In this episode, Stephan Wiedner takes us on a profound exploration of impression management - how recognizing and addressing our internal dialogue is pivotal for personal growth and success, as we uncover the flaws, negativity, and self-sabotage often embedded in our formative years. Listen in to learn the detrimental impact of impression management on organizational time and energy, and gain valuable insights into the significance of addressing internal struggles before skill-building.

What Dr. Seuss Can Teach Us About Leadership

Usually when we think about Dr. Seuss, what comes to mind are children’s books, bright colored characters with silly names, and lots of rhyming. And while these all are true, it turns out that when we look a little closer, there are incredible lessons to be learned about leadership. Leadership never has been – and...

Finding a Courageous Path Forward When Life is Hard

Let’s face it, life can be REALLY challenging and hard at times: Parenting is hard. Dealing with aging parents is hard. Creating harmony between our personal and professional lives can be hard. Navigating the constant disruption in our world is hard. Even asking for and accepting help can be hard. So what do you do...

Close Up Radio Interview: Empowered Leadership Series

I had so much fun participating in this 2-part interview on Close Up Radio with veteran award-winning broadcast TV and radio hosts/media personalities Jim Masters and Doug Llewelyn (yes, you might recognize Doug from the days of The People’s Court). In Part 1, I was interviewed by Jim Masters. We explored the messiness of being...

Boosting Your Mental Fitness with Wendy Swire

Wendy Swire, author, self-proclaimed “Brain Geek Coach”, and Principal at Swire Solutions, is dedicated to helping leaders harness the power of their minds to achieve unparalleled success. With a background on Wall Street, she leverages her analytical skills and passion for learning to become an expert in applied neuroscience. In this episode, Wendy discusses battling modern life's adverse effects on the human brain. Her mission is to help leaders use empathy, positive thought, and practical techniques to master their mental fitness. Listen in to hear what you can do to cultivate these traits and tap into the power of neuroplasticity.

Eliminating Glass Ceilings and Sticky Floors with Laura Raynak

When Laura Raynak, Principal and Owner of Raynak Executive Search, became a search consultant, she was one of the only women in the room. She soon realized what we know as the glass ceiling is more like a sticky floor, and embracing what are seen as feminine approaches and believing in yourself were the keys to getting unstuck. In this episode, Laura shares her journey of camaraderie with other women in business and the value of self-worth, sponsorship, and embracing feminine energy. Listen in to hear her insights on the importance of investing in other women and businesses that help the progressive world grow.

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