Become a Feedback Master

Become a Feedback Master

How do you Become a Feedback Master?

Giving and embracing feedback in the workplace can be an intricate dance. And if you are using the sandwich method, you need to listen to this bonus episode. Nikki Lewallen Gregory and Dr. Rosie Ward share their profound understanding of feedback's powerful role in leadership development and team dynamics. The pair delve into the heart of feedback culture—where openness and the courage to speak truthfully are the cornerstones of growth. Throughout their conversation, Rosie emphasizes the need for leaders to lean into feedback as a transformative tool, framing it as a gift that encourages self-awareness and empowerment. She casts light on the practical implementation of a feedback culture through concepts such as the "square squad.”

Key Takeaways from This Episode:

  • The transformative power of viewing feedback as a gift
  • Cultivating a “square squad” for trusted, constructive feedback
  • Integrating regular, transparent feedback conversations into workplace culture
  • Strategies for leaders to model effective feedback reception
  • Navigating the balance between appreciating and discerning feedback

Things to listen for:

01:30 Feedback triggers the inner narrative of not being enough.

06:18 Leaders must model, create psychological safety, and solicit feedback.

08:01 Promote regular feedback and modeling for improvement.

13:33 Provide a compliment, state the criticism, and end positively.

16:09 Recognize defensiveness, pause, and seek feedback politely.

18:19 Seek advice and manage defensiveness for growth.

22:09 Trusted opinions matter, create your “square squad.”

26:40 Consistent practices reinforce company culture and feedback.

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