Becoming Stronger, Better Versions of Ourselves

Curiosity and Grace…the words of 2020 (next to pivot and adaptability). People will remember how we show up during these times for years to come. We have the opportunity to take the struggles and the lessons we’re learning during this time and become stronger, better versions of ourselves. And we must also remember that we are human and will struggle and mess up. We need to be real when things are hard and give ourselves permission to fall apart when we need to.

Whether we realize it or not,¬†COVID-19 is a traumatic experience. We all process trauma differently. For some people, it has already hit them emotionally; for others, it has yet to come. Y’all probably know by now that I’m an overachiever and over-functioner. My way to deal with tough challenges is to get to work and find solutions. Sure, it is helpful. And it pushes out needing to feel the yuck.

I feel like I’ve been on a crazy rollercoaster. Some days I’m feeling productive, connected and like I’m adding value. Other days, I wonder what the hell I’m doing and if I suck as a mom, wife, friend, business owner, and more. This home-schooling stuff is WAY harder than I thought (and I’m lucky that my husband is doing most of the heavy lifting with our son). We’ve had quite the journey with frustration, impatience, and a bunch of emotions that can be derailing.

And I know I’m not alone. I find myself constantly reminding my triggered self that we have to move from judgment (of ourselves and others) to curiosity; this means paying close attention to the stories we tell ourselves and doing the work to try on alternative narratives that serve us better. Then we have to extend grace – to ourselves first and then others.

An emotional response to this pandemic will hit us, our colleagues, and our kids – more than once. When it does, we can show up as a leader by acknowledging it, turning to curiosity, and extending grace – over and over and over again.

I decided to make a short video about this that I hope you find useful. You can access it here.

I’d love to hear…How are you extending grace, curiosity and compassion to yourself and others these days?

Remember, never dull your sparkle!



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