Bridging the Gap for Effective Leadership in the Workplace with Ophelia Byers

In this episode, Rosie discusses the inner game of leadership with Ophelia Byers, CNO of Atlantic Health System and Founder & Principal of SitchRoom LLC. Together, they talk through self-awareness and owning emotions and limitations for effective leadership, aligning intentions and impact, prioritizing on-the-job growth, and supporting employees in applying their learnings. Check out this episode to understand the need for and significance of clear expectations, shared mental models, and relationship-based leadership.

Guest Info

Ophelia Byers, CNO of Atlantic Health System and Founder & Principal of SitchRoom LLC

Ophelia ByersOphelia Byers is a highly skilled leader with more than 20 years of experience in clinical care and nursing leadership. She is an advanced practice and women’s health nurse practitioner and maintains national certifications in clinical practice, patient experience, and diversity and inclusion. She has a strong reputation for being a champion of nursing professional governance and fostering team engagement across disciplines, departments, and system sites.

Show Notes

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Focus on the inner game of leadership: Prioritize self-awareness, take ownership of emotions, and acknowledge limitations for effective leadership.
  • Work on yourself first: Develop a shared mental model of leadership within organizations and align intention and impact.
  • Build strong relationships: Prioritize one-on-one meetings with team members, monitor progress, and address unexpected issues.

[5:08] Lack of effective leadership and communication.

[9:03] Leadership learning is multifactorial; defined expectations are needed.

[12:53] Monitoring, communication, and engagement are crucial.

[18:59] Engage, support, and maximize time with teams.

[23:12] Building capacity, not dependency; focus on learning.

[28:39] Emails and chats for non-urgent matters only.

[34:52] Radical candor, feedback, growth, self-limiting stories.

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