Podcast: Brandology

I had a great conversation with Mark Mosher and David Mauro on their Brandology podcast.  We talked about our new book, “Rehumanizing the Workplace,” how to reconcile what our disruptive, VUCA world demands of us and the human condition that wants to instead cling to what is familiar, how people can show up as leaders...

Podcast: Inspirational Women Warm 106.9

I had a great conversation with Kate Daniels from Warm 106.9 Radio on her Inspirational Women podcast.  We talked about our new book, “Rehumanizing the Workplace,” how the pandemic has led to people and businesses resetting their priorities, and what our future workplaces need to reflect to navigate our disruptive world, keep people as whole...

Podcast: Geek Speak

I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Nancy Pautsch and Envision IT on their Geek Speak podcast about what we need to be more human and intentional during these times of crisis (and beyond) – especially with more remote work and physical separation. My part starts around 17:00. And super grateful for Nancy’s raving endorsement...

Video Podcast: Advancing Wellness

Rosie was a guest on the Advancing Wellness podcast with Mari Ryan. She discusses why and how our workplaces have become dehumanized and key principles from her new book, Rehumanizing the Workplace, that we can leverage to rehumanize our workplaces and communities.   Watch the podcast interview

Podcast: Returns on Wellbeing

Rosie was a guest on the Returns on Wellbeing podcast with Jim Purcell where they discuss paradigms, what workplace culture is and isn’t, the rehumanization revolution, what it takes to have meaningful change, and the role wellbeing does and doesn’t play with having thriving people and workplaces. Listen now

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