Rosie in My Pocket: Time Outs and Circle Backs

In this episode, Rosie explores the significance of strategic pauses and circle backs in conversations. She emphasizes that when emotions run high or if clarity is lacking—hitting the "pause" button can prevent misunderstandings and heated arguments. Rosie extends the concept of circle backs beyond conflict resolution, suggesting that they also serve as tools for clarity and alignment in ongoing interactions. Using relatable anecdotes, she encourages listeners to proactively integrate these techniques into their communication repertoire, fostering healthier and more productive conversations.

Rosie in My Pocket: Scarcity to Abundance

In this episode, Rosie delves into the transformative power of shifting from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. Inspired by the wisdom of Lin Twist, author of "The Soul of Money," Rosie shares how often our thoughts fixate on not having enough—time, money, love, or even feelings of inadequacy. Instead, let's focus on the belief that we have enough while striving to become better versions of ourselves. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Rosie in My Pocket: Reframing Limited Thinking

In this heartfelt episode, Rosie shares a powerful life and leadership lesson from a conversation with her son, Peyton. Tune in as Rosie guides Peyton towards a mindset shift, encouraging him to focus on gratitude and cherishing the present moment rather than being paralyzed by fear and anxiety. This reflection prompts Rosie to explore how often we fall into self-limiting stories that lead to worry and anxiousness, preventing us from fully embracing life.

Rosie in My Pocket: Going First

In this short episode, Rosie explores the value of going first and stepping into the arena, drawing inspiration from an unexpected source—penguins! Discover how the act of going first can be a catalyst for incredible breakthroughs in teams and relationships, fostering a culture of courageous vulnerability. By modeling courage and sharing our authentic thoughts and struggles, we create a ripple effect, granting permission for others to do the same.

Rosie in My Pocket: Fear

In this short episode, Rosie recognizes fear as a universal emotion that can lead to catastrophizing or imagining worst-case scenarios. She shares the acronym, FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real, and encourages us to acknowledge it, question the story we tell ourselves, and rewrite the narrative that serves us better. After all, courage means acting with fear rather than in its absence.

Rosie in My Pocket: 2 Word Check-in

It is so important to check in genuinely with others and address their emotional needs. Often, we default to generic responses when asked how we're feeling. By authentically checking in and allowing people to express themselves, we fulfill their core human need of being heard, seen, and valued. This episode explores the "two-word check-in" as a practice of sharing emotions concisely. Listen in to discover the power of meaningful check-ins, authentic communication, and the addition of joy to one's day.

Rosie in My Pocket: Enoughness

In this episode, Rosie delves into the common feeling of "not enoughness" many of us experience. She shares how this feeling stems from our younger selves taking over our present-day thoughts and how we can combat it by reminding ourselves that we are enough. Rosie emphasizes the importance of overcoming harmful narratives that make us show up small and self-protected.

Rosie in My Pocket: Outward Mindset

Although we may not intentionally prioritize ourselves over others, the demands of life and work can sometimes cause us to develop a self-centered approach without realizing it. This inward mindset is a common issue for teams and can lead to various challenges. When leaders operate with an inward mindset, it reduces their positive impact and hinders their ability to lead effectively. In contrast, adopting an outward mindset can bring numerous benefits to ourselves and those around us. In this podcast, Rosie Ward explains the advantages of shifting our perspective and embracing an outward mindset.

Rosie in My Pocket: Boundaries

Have you ever found yourself agreeing to things you don't want to do and feeling resentful or irritable? Do you prioritize the needs of others, such as your friends, family, or colleagues, at the expense of your well-being? If you can relate to these experiences, you're not alone. Many people, particularly leaders, struggle with boundary-setting in our fast-paced, hectic world. When you establish healthy boundaries, you can regain control of your time and energy. This episode offers encouragement and practical strategies for reframing your mindset and prioritizing your needs.

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