Rosie in My Pocket: Helping & Fixing vs. Serving

The impact of our word choices is profound. With years of experience guiding clients and colleagues, Rosie shares her insights into the crucial distinction between helping, fixing, and serving.

Learn why helping can unintentionally position others as weak and fixing can make them feel broken.

Through Rosie's nuanced discussion, leaders will discover how shifting towards a mindset of service allows them to see others—and themselves—as whole and complete.

Challenge yourself when using helping or fixing language by replacing it with words of service. This kind of transformative language can lead to significant changes in how we interact with others, fostering a more empowering and supportive leadership style.

Learn how adopting a service-oriented approach can amplify your leadership impact.

Rosie in My Pocket: Law of Diffusion of Innovation

Embark on a transformative journey with Rosie Ward in this episode where she unpacks the powerful Law of Diffusion of Innovation. Rosie beautifully illustrates how change propagates through a population in an engaging and authentic manner. With a bell-shaped curve as her guide, she explains the importance of focusing on innovators and early adopters rather than being bogged down by skeptics and naysayers. Rosie highlights the strategy of grassroots organizing to build momentum and bring the early and late majority on board. Tune in to this succinct yet profound teaching and discover how to channel your energy towards those who will help you build a thriving culture of change.

Rosie in My Pocket: Ingredients to Be My Best

Rosie Ward takes us on a journey through the essential facets of self-care and personal leadership. Rosie underscores the importance of putting on "our own oxygen masks" first, likening it to the crucial practice of self-care. She delves into a simple yet impactful exercise called "Ingredients to Be My Best," encouraging listeners to identify key factors that help them optimize their performance. Show up as your best by incorporating self-care, personal leadership, authenticity, and maximum impact. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to enhance their leadership abilities and bring intentionality to their daily routines. Rosie Ward's heartfelt and practical advice will inspire you to show up as your best, fully authentic self. Tune in and learn how to let your sparkle shine!

Rosie in My Pocket: Kintsugi

In this episode, Rosie Ward emphasizes the importance of embracing imperfections inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi. Rosie reflects on the beauty of allowing one's flaws and scars to be visible rather than hiding them in pursuit of unattainable perfection. Through small doses of learning and inspiration, Rosie challenges listeners to leverage their imperfections to show up as the best version of themselves in the world.

Rosie in My Pocket: Permission to be New

In this episode, Rosie Ward explores the often-overlooked courage of being new. She unravels the undue pressures individuals place on themselves to excel instantly in new roles or skills. Through compelling anecdotes and actionable advice, she educates on the necessity of embracing imperfections when setting boundaries, clear expectations, or engaging in growth-focused feedback discussions.

Rosie in My Pocket: When Others Deflect Growth Feedback

In this episode, Dr. Rosie Ward tackles the challenge of dealing with defensive reactions to growth feedback. Rosie emphasizes the importance of learning to constructively receive difficult feedback, a skill she deems vital for successful leadership and personal development. Rosie's own experiences become the focal point, offering listeners actionable steps for cultivating a culture that embraces challenging feedback. Utilizing anecdotes from her professional practice and parenting, Rosie effectively dismantles the barriers to growth, inspiring her audience to transform feedback into a catalyst for letting their "sparkle shine.”

Episode title featuring a photo of Dr. Rosie Ward.

Rosie in My Pocket: Net Gain vs Net Drain of Energy

In this episode, Dr. Rosie Ward delves into the concept of energy management in personal and professional lives. She shares wisdom gained from her friend, Dr. Neha Sangwan's recent book, "Powered by Me." The focus is on identifying what gives us a 'net gain' of energy versus what causes a 'net drain’. This episode encourages the audience to assess the people and activities in their lives with a fresh perspective, challenging them to set boundaries and prioritize what truly energizes them.

RIMP Not Forcing Next Steps

Rosie in My Pocket: Not Forcing Next Steps

In this episode, Rosie Ward discusses the common tendency of action bias and the importance of taking the time to gain clarity before rushing into the next steps. Rosie shares her insights on allowing thoughts to form, sitting with important questions, and trusting that the next steps will reveal themselves without forcing them.

Better Decisions with Paul Epstein

Rosie in My Pocket: Better Decisions with Paul Epstein

With over 35,000 decisions made each day, Paul Epstein wants to help us navigate through the decision-making process faster. In this episode, Paul author and former executive in the NFL and NBA joins host Rosie Ward.

Together, they delve into the topic of decision-making and the impact it has on our lives. Paul shares insightful strategies and practical tools to make better decisions faster, based on his expertise in high-stakes environments.

Framing Conversations

Rosie in My Pocket: Framing Conversations

In this episode, Rosie Ward talks about the importance of framing a conversation. She shares powerful insights about it’s power both personal and professional conversations. Drawing from her own experiences, she shares practical tips for everything from emails and texts to catching someone on the fly that set a positive tone and reduce unnecessary drama or fear.

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