The Heart of Communication is Human Connection with Maryanne O’Brien

Did you know there are four different styles of communication? Expressive, reserved, direct and harmonious. Each has different strengths that can be leveraged to help teams better connect, collaborate, and build trust. In this episode, Maryanne O’Brien, author of The Elevated Communicator, breaks down all four styles and explains how leaders can adapt to each type to strengthen well-being and resolve conflicts. Listen in to learn how to show up as the best expression of yourself instead of the stressed expression.

Discovering and Defining Your Values with Lisa Morton

If you don't know your values, you won’t know when they're being undermined. Lisa Morton, Founder and CEO of Roland Dransfield, learned this the hard way. In this episode, Lisa talks about getting clear on your beliefs and creating intentional practices in your organization to allow you to live them. Lisa shares how your values translate into clear boundaries and non-negotiables that guide your decisions. As you listen, you’ll hear how being unapologetically who you are makes you both powerful and relatable.

Living a Life of “And” with Tiffany Sauder

Tiffany Sauder is the epitome of authenticity and excellence. She wears a lot of hats – wife, mom of four, President and CEO of Element Three, board member, podcaster for her podcast, Scared Confident, and the list goes on. Through it all, Tiffany models what it means to be a courageously vulnerable leader. Because as you’ll hear her share, it’s our scars, rather than our accomplishments, that bring us closest to others. Listen to the full episode to hear Tiffany discuss living a life of “and,” her journey through fear, and the importance of failing out loud as a leader.

Shifting From Me to We with Guillaume Wiatr

Almost every company proudly shares its story, but what about its narrative? Guillaume Wiatr, Founder of MetaHelm, says there’s a world of difference between the two. In this episode, Guillaume explains how focusing on your company’s narrative is the best way to align your business, internally and externally. As you listen, you’ll learn best practices for uncovering your narrative and be reminded of why intentional language is crucial.

The Power of Speaking Your Truth with Genevieve Georget & Corey Blake

“If we're not careful, we let other people create our stories for us. We need to make sure we're holding the pen and writing the best story possible.” Genevieve Georget, Executive Editor at Round Table Companies, is passionate about helping people claim ownership of their own narratives. She and Corey Blake, Founder and CEO of RTC, join us on this episode to discuss the power of storytelling. As you listen, you’ll learn about the endless and unexpected benefits of unearthing your heroic journey and speaking your truth.

Creating Systems to Promote Wellbeing with Dr. Nigel Girgrah

Destigmatizing mental health issues can’t happen overnight, but Dr. Nigel Girgrah, Chief Wellness Officer at Ochsner Health, says the charge has to start with leaders. In this episode, Nigel shares examples of how when leaders showed vulnerability; people on their teams did the same. In his own organization, Nigel is working towards getting systems in place that promote well-being in a proactive manner so people have help long before a crisis occurs. As the conversation unfolds, you’ll learn the benefits of investing in wellbeing and how to take steps toward destigmatizing mental health.

The (Super)Power of Making Choices with Mark Miller

“Your choices are your superpower and you can literally change your world with them.” Mark Miller, bestselling author and VP of High Performance Leadership at Chick-fil-A, says there are certain factors specific to each leader that limits their impact. Mark calls those factors your quicksand. In this episode, Mark explains how to identify and then escape your quicksand starting with the choices you make. Give the full episode a listen to learn about Mark’s four ‘smart choices’, allowing you to confront your reality and create change.

Creating a Remote Community with Josh Little

Remote work comes with its pros and cons. One thing many people miss is the ease of connecting with co-workers. Enter Josh Little and his video messaging app Volley. He’s a serial entrepreneur and has spent a lot of brainpower looking for the right solution when it comes to successfully leading a team outside an office environment. In this episode, Josh lays out how consistent video-first communication allows for what he calls “continuous leadership” - meaning you’re constantly syncing with your team and adding value in a way that doesn’t interrupt your own work. Listen in to learn how to do away with unnecessary in-person meetings while remaining connected and productive.

Creating Change Agents with Tammy Williams

A title doesn’t determine leadership, your behavior does. Tammy Williams, Vice President of Business Development at AriensCo, encourages people in her organization to lead from their position, no matter where they are in the company’s hierarchy. In this episode, Tammy shares stories about empowering her employees to take charge and participate in decisions that affect them. As you listen, you’ll learn how to build a common language in your organization to get everyone working toward the same goal.

Owning Your Leadership Style with Scott Ritzheimer

Every leader has their strengths and weaknesses. That’s why your team needs to be made up of people who balance each other out. Scott Ritzheimer is the CEO of Scale Architects, a company focused on helping businesses start, scale, and sustain their growth. A piece of the process is identifying the types of leaders in an organization to see where there might be gaps. In this episode, Scott breaks down four leadership styles and explains why each type has a role to play in a successful company. Listen in to learn what it takes to get your business ideas off the ground, across the finish line, and maintain growth.

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