Episode 25 – Howie Milstein on Quieting Our Ego and Leading Vibrant Communities

Every conversation with Howie Milstein is a mixture of thoughtfulness, wisdom, silliness and laughter. Howie channels his nontraditional background to serve others as a career coach and as the CEO and Provocateur for the Institute to Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously! We talk about the normalcy of being human, how to create more humanized workplaces, and the key culprit getting in the way of having vibrant workplaces and communities - people’s egos taking over and them showing up as a FD. I hope you’ll walk away with some laughs, insights and things to consider so you can show up as a better version of yourself and create vibrant communities around you.

Episode 24 – Mark Kenny on Eliminating Territorial Thinking and Unleashing the Power of Teams

I so enjoyed this conversation with my fellow Table Group Consultant and Practitioner Alliance colleague, Mark Kenny. He is a successful business owner, keynote speaker, new author and a wonderfully authentic dude. We talk about the importance of being able to truly operate as a team - both within and outside of organizations. Mark discusses why this matters now more than ever, what gets in our way, and some key things we can do to start to address the gaps between silos and get out of our own territorial, self-protective ways to collaborate with others, serve a common purpose, and have a greater impact. I think you’ll walk away with some wonderful insights and tangible actions you can take right now to show up as a leader and unleash the power of teams.

Episode 23: Dr. Rosie Book Club – Choosing Courage

We’re wrapping up our summer mini book club. In this episode I’m talking about key insights from a new book by Jim Detert - Choosing Courage. As the world’s foremost expert on workplace courage, he leverages more than 20 years of research and work in this area to provide an inspirational, practical, and research-based guide for standing up and speaking out skillfully at work. I reflect on some key aspects of the book that I see relevant for so many, connect the dots to other key aspects of leveraging courage to be a daring leader, and some things you can think about to start showing up more courageously in your own life. I hope you gain some useful insights from this episode and would love to hear your thoughts as you read the book yourself.

Episode 22: Dr. Rosie Book Club – Think Again

We’re continuing with our summer format plot twist with a mini book club. In this episode I’m talking about key insights from the latest book from Adam Grant - Think Again. As someone who thrives off challenging limited thinking in myself and others, I was geeking out about this book. Adam examines the critical art of rethinking - learning to question your opinions and open other people’s minds. He describes how critical it is that we build our capability to get out of our comfort zones to rethink and unlearn and how it can position us for excellence and work and wisdom in life. I see how important this is every day with my clients, myself and as I observe the world around me. I hope you gain some useful insights from this episode and would love to hear your thoughts as you read the book yourself.

Episode 21: Dr.Rosie Book Club – Boundary Boss

For the summer, we’re shifting gears from our regular format to do a mini book club. In this episode I’m talking about key insights from a fabulous new book that just came out this year - Boundary Boss by Terri Cole. This topic is so relevant and important for many of the clients I serve and coach - and for me personally. Terri teaches from a simple but pivotal premise: without healthy boundaries, you can’t live an authentic and fulfilled life. And this is especially true today for women - although I see it in men (and men can benefit from this book as well). I reflect on some key aspects of the book that I see as universal for so many human beings, why it matters and things to think about. I hope you gain some useful insights from this episode and would love to hear your thoughts as you read the book yourself.

Episode 20 – Jaime Taets on Embracing Our Humanity and Navigating Our Messy Journey to Success

I LOVED this conversation with my sister from another mister - Jaime Taets. She is a successful business owner, new author and all-around kick-ass human being. We talk about normalizing all the messiness of being human and the things we all go through that can keep us stuck. Jaime openly shares her own struggles and journey; she even shares her “Bad Moms” movie moment - losing it at a PTA meeting and lessons for saying “no” and setting healthy boundaries. There are so many great reminders and nuggets of wisdom in our conversation. I hope you walk away feeling a little less alone in your struggles and having insights for how to let your gifts shine.

Episode 19 – Ask Me Anything Volume 1

Lately I’ve had several of my coaching clients say they need a “Rosie in their pocket” and have some sort of bobblehead or something with reminders to help them. After the laughter subsided, I thought maybe there’s another way. So I decided to put out an invitation to “Ask Me Anything” to the Show Up as a Leader Community, and there was a lot thrown at me. So this episode is for you...I covered how to make a difference when you don’t have the title or authority, how (and why) you can still show up courageously when others are armored, dealing with difficult people, and having conversations around important topics when you’re operating from a totally different paradigm than the other person. And, yes, by request, I take myself through the questions I ask every guest so you can know a little more about me. I hope you find some helpful insights and enjoy!

Episode 18 – Carley Kammerer on Wading in the Messy Middle and Finding Our Authentic Self

This is probably one of the most transparent, authentic, human conversations I’ve had yet on this podcast. Carley Kammerer, CEO of Wildflyer Coffee, openly shares her journey as a force trying to end youth homelessness and in reconnecting to who she is as a person and a leader. Her journey is so commonly human, and I know you’ll find yourself resonating with so much of it - from recognizing the limitations of showing up trying to be hyper-productive and all things to all people to giving ourselves permission to feel, be human and find and embrace our authentic selves. I hope you walk away from this conversation inspired, enlightened and embracing more of your own unique gifts.

Episode 17 – Kari Warberg Block on Grounding Ourselves in Purpose and Authenticity

Whether we want to admit it or not, life will challenge us, throw us curve balls, and many times will leave us face down. The question is what we do when this happens. I had such a delightful conversation with the incredible Kari Warberg Block - CEO and Founder of EarthKind® and an incredible change-maker and force for good in the world. Her insights on anchoring on purpose, letting ourselves surrender to challenges and find the important lessons and growth, and showing up authentically - even when the world seems against us - are inspiring. Kari’s wisdom and stories have broad-reaching application. I know you’ll leave our conversation full of hope, encouragement, and perhaps giving yourself permission to stand more firmly in your purpose and values.

Episode 16 – Linda Riddell on Understanding and Addressing Scarcity and Poverty

Scarcity is a universal experience; we’ve all faced different types of it at different times. And during the pandemic, we all faced the scarcity of certainty - and how much extra effort and focus it takes for things. In this insightful conversation I had with Linda Riddell, she uses wonderful examples to help us understand what it’s actually like for people living in poverty and the challenges of chronic scarcity and overload. And she gives tangible things we all can do to be more aware, empathetic, inclusive, and helpful for the millions of people struggling financially. If you’re like me, you’ll leave this conversation awakened and hopefully looking for opportunities where you can show up as a leader and make a positive difference for others.

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