People Buy You First

In this episode host Rana DeBoer shares actionable insights to help you elevate your leadership game.

Rana sheds light on the intent, influence, and impact formula that leaders can use to drive greater results and outperformance within their teams and organizations.

She emphasizes the importance of being purpose-driven, energy-fueled, action-orientated, and knowledge-hungry—components of her "peak leadership" approach grounded in over 25 years of coaching experience.

Listeners will learn practical tips like setting clear intentions before meetings and conversations, understanding their unique influence, and consistently checking for impactful results in leadership interactions.

Don't miss this episode for an enriching leadership coaching experience that prepares you for future-ready organizational culture.

Introducing: Elevate Your Leadership with Rana DeBoer

Rosie Ward, the host of "Show Up as a Leader," welcomes her dear friend Rana DeBoer, co-founder of Volt Strategy, to introduce the exhilarating new series, "Elevate Your Leadership."

Rana DeBoer transforms corporate cultures through a unique blend of behavioral science and business strategy. If you’re a leader looking to elevate your skills and build future-ready organizations fueled by excellence, tune in to learn how to propel your company forward into peak performance.

In this episode, Rosie and Rana highlight the critical elements of the "Peak Leader Model," a unique framework blending behavioral science with business strategy. Learn how being purpose-driven, energetically fulfilled, aware, action-oriented, and insatiably curious can significantly elevate your leadership skills. The conversation explores practical ways to enhance leadership capacity, achieve peak moments, and leverage energy rituals for sustained performance.

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