Courage: Part 1 with Rebecca Johnson, Natalie Johnson and Joe Rea

Joe Rea is a passionate leader in the behavioral health sector who exemplifies courageous leadership in action. In this episode, hosts Rebecca Johnson and Natalie Johnson explore the multifaceted role of courage in the workplace.

Joe delves into his evolution as a leader, sharing invaluable insights on how integrity and vulnerability shape effective leadership. Joe emphasizes that true leadership is observed through actions, not just words, and discusses the importance of aligning personal values with professional responsibilities.

Rebecca and Natalie probe deeper into the nuances of courageous decisions, touching upon the concepts of discomfort and risk. They challenge listeners to reflect on when to take risks for the greater good and when to strategically navigate institutional limitations.

This episode also makes critical connections between individual energy, team connection, and organizational courage, offering a holistic view for listeners aiming to build high-performing teams.

Candor with Rebecca Johnson, Natalie Johnson and Michelle Spehr

Michelle Spehr knows about truth with care. With a rich background in communication, Michelle joins Rebecca and Natalie Johnson from Vidl Work on the Energy, Connection, and Courage at Work series to explain why radical candor is vital for effective teamwork and personal growth. She discusses the neuroscience behind communication, including how to avoid triggering others' self-protection modes, and shares a personal story that highlights the importance of delivering truth with care. This episode underscores how practicing candor fosters energy, connection, and courage in professional settings.

Empathy at Work with Rebecca Johnson, Natalie Johnson and Lorraine Williams

With decades of cumulative experience fostering high-functioning teams, Lorraine Williams delves into the transformative journey of self-awareness and empathetic interaction, drawing from her tenure as an executive director managing over 1400 people. This episode illuminates the art of "leaving other people feeling felt," creating spaces for emotional expression devoid of judgment, and embracing the truths of others. Listen in as Lorraine shares her story with vidl work colleagues and hosts Rebecca and Natalie as they discuss the intrapersonal revelations and real-world anecdotes that underscore the skill of empathy—a vital tool for authentic connection, promoting a thriving workplace culture.


Connection with Tod Creneti

Tod Creneti, an organizational development and culture expert, joins Rebecca and Natalie for a conversation focusing on connection in the workplace. They emphasize the importance of understanding the needs of individuals and teams to foster genuine connections. The conversation highlights the significance of being present, observing, and focusing on being a good listener in order to create meaningful connections in the workplace.

Emotional Energy

Emotional Energy with Rebecca Johnson and Natalie Johnson

Rebecca Johnson and Natalie Johnson from Vidl Work continue their conversation about energy, focusing this time on emotional energy. Stacy Bick joins the conversation to explore the importance of acknowledging, processing, and reframing emotions in the workplace, and how doing so can lead to higher engagement and performance. Gain valuable insights and practical tips for navigating emotional energy in your professional and personal life in the Energy, Connection, and Courage series.

Vidl Physical Energy

Physical Energy with Rebecca Johnson and Natalie Johnson

Rebecca Johnson and Natalie Johnson from Vidl Work continue their conversation about energy, focusing specifically on physical energy. The discussion delves into the crucial role of physical energy in navigating work and personal life, as well as the impact it has on emotional well-being. They share personal experiences with burnout and the strategies they have implemented to recharge their physical energy, emphasizing the importance of setting boundaries and having difficult conversations. Tune in for an engaging discussion on energy, connection, and courage at work with practical insights for maximizing your impact as a leader.

Spiritual Energy with Rebecca and Natalie

Spiritual Energy with Rebecca and Natalie

Rebecca and Natalie Johnson from Vidl Work discuss the importance of spiritual energy to find purpose and how it impacts our ability to function at our best in the workplace and at home. Natalie shares a powerful story of how she discovered her purpose during a busy and stressful time in her life, while Rebecca discusses the significance of purpose in steering our energy in the right direction. The episode offers practical insights and a "one big thing" for listeners to consider, along with some lighthearted personal revelations from the hosts. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of purpose and its transformative influence on our leadership and personal life.

Introducing: Energy, Connection & Courage at Work

In our ever-evolving business landscape, organizations and teams are facing misalignment, burnout, friction, ineffective communication, drama, toxicity, and high turnover unlike ever before. Energy, Connection, and Courage is a NEW series created to address three concepts that have emerged as the cornerstone for achieving excellence: Energy, Connection, and Courage. Hosts Rebecca Johnson and Natalie Johnson of Vidl Work are passionate about championing change in your workplace, challenging your perspective, and equipping you with tools to unlock the full potential of your organization (and your life!). Listen to the WHY for creating this series and what you can expect from episodes.

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