Show Up as a Leader Celebrates 3 years.

Celebrating 3 Years of Podcasting

As we mark the momentous occasion of our podcast's third anniversary, I have profound gratitude for the incredible journey I've shared with my remarkable guests, dedicated listeners, and supportive team. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm. As we reflect on the milestones of the past three years, we feel humbled by the connections we've forged, the lessons we've learned, and the impact we've made together. I am thrilled to announce the exciting addition of two remarkable podcast partners to our podcast feed—each bringing a fresh perspective and a wealth of expertise to the platform. Together, we are committed to delivering an even more diverse and enriching podcast experience, ensuring our listeners are consistently engaged, inspired, and informed.

Meet My Podcast Partners!

The Leadership Pause with Dr. Chris Johnson

Dr. Chris Johnson, PsyD of Q-4Consulting Inc, offers a thought-provoking exploration of the practice of pausing, the power of paying attention, and the importance of living and leading on purpose.

Conscious leadership starts with self-awareness and enough courage to start a shift—first within yourself, then by sharing your perspective, and then leading by example. The Leadership Pause will stimulate your curiosity and engage your head, heart, and hara as you explore embodied learning as an essential shortcut to revolutionize your team and your growth as a leader. It’s an inside job, and it starts with you.

Episodes will explore the power of paying attention, the neurobiology of learning and change and cultivating cultures and teams to grow, why 360° awareness is a shortcut you can use, authenticity, empathy, and courage in the face of today’s complexities, the importance of living and leading on purpose, storytelling as engagement, and how conversational agility is a primary ingredient for leadership today.

Join me for my first episode: October 18, 2023


Energy, Connection & Courage at WorkRebecca Johnson & Natalie Johnson of Vidl Work will challenge your perspective, ignite your imagination, and equip you with tools to champion real change in your workplace.

Join our transformative journey to explore the significance of Energy, Connection & Courage at Work. These are NOT just buzz words; they are the secret to unlocking your full potential—at work and in your life.

We’ll talk about how focusing on this can resolve many problems leaders and organizations face: misalignment, burnout, friction, ineffective communication, drama, toxicity, and high turnover—all while providing practical, applicable solutions you can practice immediately.

Join us for our first episode: November 1, 2023

Show Notes:

New Show Up as a Leader Monthly Lineup:

  • 2 full-length guest episodes with Dr. Rosie Ward
  • 2 micro-podcast Rosie in My Pocket episodes with Dr. Rosie Ward
  • 2 mini-podcast partner episodes with Dr. Chris Johnson + Rebecca Johnson and Natalie Johnson
  • Quarterly Courageous Leadership Series episodes

Chat with Rosie! Book your 15-minute virtual coffee break with Rosie and let her know what topics you'd like her to cover.

Things to listen for:

[0:46] Celebrating growth, gratitude, community, and an exciting future!

[3:10] Rebecca Johnson and Natalie Johnson talk about their podcast series: Energy, Connection & Courage at Work.

[5:46] Dr. Chris Johnson talks about her podcast series: The Leadership Pause.

[7:47] Rosie thanks her listeners and she wants to hear from you!

[9:48] Guests share self-limiting stories, inspiring growth.

[11:53] Grateful for connection, growth, and tangible tools.


Salveo Partners Books

Is your organization a place where people want to come to work? Our books can help!

How to Build a Thriving Culture at Work provides a detailed blueprint for sustainable change that ultimately leads to improved business performance and enhances employee wellbeing.

Our award-winning book, Rehumanizing the Workplace, highlights successful companies that are thriving by putting people first. It details five essential principles for restoring hope and influencing change.


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