Close Up Radio Interview: Empowered Leadership Series

I had so much fun participating in this 2-part interview on Close Up Radio with veteran award-winning broadcast TV and radio hosts/media personalities Jim Masters and Doug Llewelyn (yes, you might recognize Doug from the days of The People’s Court).

  • In Part 1, I was interviewed by Jim Masters. We explored the messiness of being human and what it means to have more human workplaces and communities; we also discussed rethinking leadership and the critical role formal people leaders play in our health and work experience. And we explored things we all can do now to start the work to upgrade our inner operating system so we can become a better version of ourselves. Listen to the interview here
  • In Part 2, I was interviewed by Doug Llewelyn. We discussed how critical it is to reconcile and close the gap between what our VUCA world demands of us and our human biological wiring to seek out familiarity and comfort; we also discussed how we work with our clients and the success they have when they focus on rehumanize their workplace. And we explored why it is so important that we all have an opportunity to feel fulfillment in our work.  Listen to the interview here


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