My inside-out approach to coaching starts with fostering greater self-awareness

We all have blind spots that can get in our way of having the impact we desire in our lives. These blind spots can only be illuminated with a trusted partner who can support and challenge us in ways we can’t on our own. This is where coaching comes into play.

If you want to finally make progress on personal and professional goals and move beyond the thinking and behaviors that get in your way of fully stepping into your greatness, coaching might be a fit.

The most common focus areas clients address in coaching

  • Being more clear, direct and timely with speaking up and having difficult conversations
  • Listening fully and moving from judgment to curiosity
  • Delegating more (at work and home)
  • Intentionally creating more harmony between work and home life
  • Setting healthy boundaries and advocating for yourself
  • Trusting in yourself and actively contributing to groups and conversations
  • Showing up fully and authentically
  • Shifting from managing to leading

All of my services can be offered virtually or in person.

Certified Immunity to Change® Coach

ITC Coaching identifies and overturns your psychological immune system that keeps you from making progress on your most important and challenging goals.

Certified Intrinsic Coach® Coach

Intrinsic Coaching focuses on eliciting your best thinking so you can make better choices and realize your potential.

Board Certified Coach

I have met educational and training requirements and passed a psychometrically sound and coach-specific exam.

Break Past Barriers

Coaching can help you break past barriers, but first you have to be willing to really look at yourself and get uncomfortable. This can include a combination of assessments as well as reflective exercises to support and guide your coaching journey.


The Details

Every coaching engagement is unique and is based on what you’re wanting to accomplish. That said, I have found that in order to truly make progress on your goals, it takes approximately 10 to 13 sessions. Coaching sessions are typically every other week for 60 minutes, and can be conducted  in-person or via videoconference.

If you’re starting your coaching engagement with assessments, there will be initial debrief sessions to review the results (ranging from 1.5 to 2 hours in length).

The intake session is typically 60-90 minutes. This is where we establish the coaching frequency and plan and set the stage for our journey together.