Connection with Tod Creneti

Tod Creneti, an organizational development and culture expert, joins Rebecca and Natalie for a conversation focusing on connection in the workplace. They emphasize the importance of understanding the needs of individuals and teams to foster genuine connections. The conversation highlights the significance of being present, observing, and focusing on being a good listener in order to create meaningful connections in the workplace.

Key Takeaways

✨ The essential role of genuine human connection in the workplace
✨ Keys to building trust with colleagues
✨ The relationship between connection and courage
✨ Prioritizing presence and understanding in conversation
✨ The importance of regulating one's own energy to maximize authentic leadership impact

Things to listen for:

09:17 Effective communication involves listening and asking questions.

10:57 Switch mindset from doing to collecting for improvement.

16:20 Leadership requires courage to trust and connect.

18:36 Recognizing the importance of connection over high performance.

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