Courage: Part One with Rebecca Johnson, Natalie Johnson and Joe Rea

Joe Rea is a passionate leader in the behavioral health sector who exemplifies courageous leadership in action. In this episode, hosts Rebecca Johnson and Natalie Johnson explore the multifaceted role of courage in the workplace.

Joe delves into his evolution as a leader, sharing invaluable insights on how integrity and vulnerability shape effective leadership. Joe emphasizes that true leadership is observed through actions, not just words, and discusses the importance of aligning personal values with professional responsibilities.

Rebecca and Natalie probe deeper into the nuances of courageous decisions, touching upon the concepts of discomfort and risk. They challenge listeners to reflect on when to take risks for the greater good and when to strategically navigate institutional limitations.

This episode also makes critical connections between individual energy, team connection, and organizational courage, offering a holistic view for listeners aiming to build high-performing teams.

Key Takeaways

✨ Defining courageous leadership through personal values and integrity
✨ Balancing personal ethics with organizational demands
✨ Strategies for maintaining energy and connection within teams
✨ Learning from failure and demonstrating vulnerability as a leader
✨ The intricate link between energy, connection, and courage in the workplace

Things to listen for:

00:00 New leadership role with growing team success.
03:54 Integrity and courageous leadership defined through actions.
07:09 Challenging unethical decisions, seeking career courageously.
12:23 Acting for the benefit of those in need.
14:18 Persistence and diplomacy ensure successful outcomes achieved.
18:59 Leaders must practice values, not just profess.
22:39 Monthly team meeting features C-suite admitting mistakes.

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