Calling Others to Greatness with pictures of Dr. Rosie Ward and Nikki Lewallen Gregory

Courageous Leadership Series: Calling Others to Greatness

In this special bonus episode, host Rosie Ward is joined by friend, fellow podcaster, and Founder and Chief Meaningful Work Officer at the PeopleForward Network, Nikki Lewallen Gregory, for a conversation around courageous leadership. They discuss the importance of mindset shifts, the dangers of taking responsibility for others' outcomes, and common mistakes leaders make when trying to inspire greatness. Tune in as Rosie Ward and Nikki shares their insights and experiences on how to effectively call others to their own path of greatness. Get ready for a conversation filled with valuable nuggets that can transform your leadership approach.

Key Takeaways from This Episode:

  • Embrace the mindset shift: As leaders, it’s important to recognize that we are not responsible for the outcomes and success of others.
  • Continuous growth and development: Leadership is a lifelong journey.
  • Avoid common pitfalls: Be mindful of the common mistakes when calling others to greatness.

Things to listen for:

  • Leadership is about maximizing positive impact. [1:47]
  • Leaders must avoid feeling responsible for others’ outcomes. [3:19]
  • Calling people to greatness requires patience, connection, and autonomy. [7:18]
  • Leaders struggle with growth feedback conversations. [10:28]
  • Powerful conversations, coaching, and learning summaries. [13:26]

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