Gain the tools and skills you need to bravely show up authentically human, become the best version of yourself, and maximize your positive impact.

The Courageous Leadership Program

This is a live, inspirational, virtual event where you will build community and have tangible ways to show up as the leader you’re meant to be and wish you had. The program takes an inside-out approach to your development, starting with tools to help you lead yourself before helping you better lead others.

Through my work with formal and informal people leaders and teams, I’ve learned that there are some core tools and exercises that are truly transformative and make a difference in supporting people to show up as courageous leaders. I love building community with people who want to make a greater impact in their lives! So I’ve developed this program that includes my core modules and personal experiences.

The details:

  • 2 consecutive half-days (11 hours total)
  • Bonus Happy Hour session with Dr. Rosie
  • Digital workbook & resources to use after the session
  • Access to an exclusive Slack community for ongoing education, accountability, and collaboration
  • Lifetime access to session recordings

View Workshop Syllabus [PDF]

What You'll Experience

Meaningful, Live Interaction

This is a live course. I will guide you through discussions, exercises and reflective activities to help you show up more authentically and courageous. You’ll also work in smaller groups and have an interactive workbook to guide your learning and experiences. We will be flexible to go to where the energy of the group is rather than being rigid to an agenda.

Insightful, Inspiring & Energizing

Working on ourselves can be hard work. And it can be inspiring and energizing. We will also have a kick-ass musical playlist to accompany us. We’ll have a space for it all; I guarantee you will leave our time together moved and changed for the better!


Ongoing Connection & Accountability

I’m all about building community. So the experience doesn’t end when the program does. You’ll be invited to stay in connection with each other to continue the conversations, ask for help and create a structure for support and accountability through an online community group.


Whenever I do this work with people, I always say that you’ll get out of it what you put into it. If you commit to showing up fully and engaging, it will be transformative for you!

Leadership is not a title or a role! This program is for EVERYONE, at EVERY LEVEL, from EVERY TYPE OF ORGANIZATION who wants to show up more authentically, courageously and have a greater impact.

Is This Workshop Right for Me?

Join me if you are willing to:

  • Be present and engaged during our time together
  • Embrace a little discomfort as you honestly look at yourself and acknowledge what’s working as well as what isn’t
  • Consider new ideas and perspectives
  • Create meaningful connections with others and build a community
  • Leverage what you learn to maximize your impact


October 29-30, 2024 | 10:30 am - 4 pm CST

Bonus Happy Hour with Rosie on October 29 from 4:30-5:30 pm CST (optional)

COST: $499