Creating a Remote Community with Josh Little

Remote work comes with its pros and cons. One thing many people miss is the ease of connecting with co-workers. Enter Josh Little and his video messaging app Volley. He’s a serial entrepreneur and has spent a lot of brainpower looking for the right solution when it comes to successfully leading a team outside an office environment. In this episode, Josh lays out how consistent video-first communication allows for what he calls “continuous leadership” - meaning you’re constantly syncing with your team and adding value in a way that doesn’t interrupt your own work. Listen in to learn how to do away with unnecessary in-person meetings while remaining connected and productive.

Guest Info

Josh Little, Founder & CEO - Volley

Josh Little is a teacher turned serial tech entrepreneur with quite a track record. As an entrepreneur, he made his first $100k in the first week, his first million in the first year, and had two multi-million dollar exits in the first 5 years.

The products he has created have now been used by hundreds of millions of people. He’s currently on a mission to provide the world with a faster and more flexible way to communicate face-to-face with his latest product, Volley – a video messaging app.


 Guest Resources

Volley App - get the Volley app (you can try it for free)


Show Notes

Key takeaways from this episode:

- Everyone benefits when leaders constantly sync with their team and add value
- Using video gives teams a glimpse into each other’s lives, be authentic about showing your human side
- There’s no such thing as overkill when it comes to communication

What to listen for:

[01:45] What is continuous leadership?
[04:53] The three ‘tidal waves’ that led to the creation of Volley
[09:53] The benefits of asynchronous communication
[12:45] Drawbacks of traditional meetings
[15:32] How Volley makes the workplace more human
[21:05] Curating a workplace community when working remotely
[23:48] Letting your human side shine
[26:30] Josh’s self-limiting story
[28:42] Quick questions with Josh
[34:56] Josh’s challenge to other leaders for making a more human workplace


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