Creating Change Agents with Tammy Williams

A title doesn’t determine leadership, your behavior does. Tammy Williams, Vice President of Business Development at AriensCo, encourages people in her organization to lead from their position, no matter where they are in the company’s hierarchy. In this episode, Tammy shares stories about empowering her employees to take charge and participate in decisions that affect them. As you listen, you’ll learn how to build a common language in your organization to get everyone working toward the same goal.

Guest Info

Tammy Williams, Vice President of Business Development - AriensCo

Tammy’s passionate about optimizing organizations by transforming behaviors from the inside out. Tammy believes that every team member is a leader, regardless of titles, and they are expected to lead from their position. As a former CEO, Chief Culture Officer, COO and now VP of Business Development, it’s not about the title its about the impact you can make on people’s lives. As leaders, people are our business. Transforming an organization doesn’t come with an easy button. Organizations need to be extremely intentional about cultivating a playground “aka workplace” to achieve organizational optimization. Tammy is passionate about creating tools (The Jar!) to assist with behavioral modification and having fun along the way.

Tammy has served in various roles in the financial industry, healthcare and manufacturing where she currently serves as VP of Business Development at AriensCo in Brillion, WI. In her current role, Tammy works collaboratively with the City of Brillion along with community stakeholders in growing Brillion into a destination to serve its community and AriensCo Team Members. How cool is that!



Show Notes

Key takeaways from this episode:

- Lead from your position, be it CEO or entry-level.
- Honor your balconies (strengths) but recognize your basements (weaknesses)
- Creating a common language is the key to clear communication

What to listen for:

[01:53] Defining servant leadership
[03:34] Truly understanding your team so magic can happen
[06:02] Leading from your position
[08:57] Eliminating the word ‘just’ from your vocabulary
[12:40] Tammy’s ‘whitewater rafting’ exercise for change management
[15:23] Creating a psychologically safe environment
[19:09] Honoring your “balconies” and recognizing your “basements”
[20:07] Leveraging communication tools
[24:45] Giving people the space to be their authentic selves
[27:37] Helping others use their awesomeness elsewhere
[29:18] Tammy’s self-limiting story
[32:57] Quick questions with Tammy


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