Cultivating Leadership Presence with Chris Johnson

Delving into the essence of what it means to be fully human in leadership roles, Chris Johnson illuminates the mystique of the "secret sauce" that distinguishes truly magnetic leaders. Chris dissects the dynamic of leadership presence with its blend of authentic self-awareness and the ability to deeply connect with others.

Key Takeaways

  • Cultivating Leadership Presence QuoteCultivating leadership presence for authentic impact-
  • Harnessing the power of simultaneous self-awareness and empathy
  • The unmistakable aura of confidence and warmth in leaders
  • The interplay of presence, humility, and accountability in leadership
  • Practical deliberations for expanding personal leadership energy


The Leadership Pause: Sharpen Your Attention, Deepen Your Presence, and Navigate the Future by Chris Johnson

Your future success depends upon your ability to pause. We’re all navigating new realities.

The Leadership Pause is for anyone looking to deepen their impact on the lives around them, leave a profound mark on their organizations, and build a legacy of intentional focus, pragmatic ambition, grounded compassion, and empathy-in-action.

In it, you’ll find a step-by-step process to expand and amplify your influence as a conscious leader – mindful, embodied, generative – that will result in you skillfully navigating through the chaos and uncertainty.

Q-4 Consulting: Learn more about Chris and her services.

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