Designing Organizations to be Adaptive to Change with Brandi Olson

When important work is at stake, the only place it will get done is in reality, not in your head. So how do you take your big ideas and new initiatives and get them off the paper and fully implemented? Leadership coach and author, Brandi Olson, says the secret lies in effective prioritization and maximizing how value flows through your organization. In this episode, Brandi shares how she helps companies design their teams so they can get the right work done faster and better. Listen in for an in-depth discussion on adapting to change and understanding how to make room for focused work.

Guest Info

Brandi Olson, CEO + Chief Learning Officer- Real Work Done

Brandi Olson is a best-selling author, organizational agility expert, and the founder of Real Work Done, a consultancy serving leaders through agile transformation, organizational strategy and team design, and executive coaching.

She has spent two decades consulting with organizations — from nonprofits to universities to global companies like 3M and the Mayo Clinic. An expert in organizational learning and change, she teaches leaders how to solve problems and adapt fast with high-performing teams. A sought-after speaker on agility and high-performing teams, Brandi lives in Minnesota with her two kids, four chickens, and one dog.


Show Notes

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Map how value flows through your organization so you can see where it’s being impeded
  • Humans have a limited capacity for the amount of change we can manage at a given time. Be aware of the pace at which you introduce changes
  • Stop saying you can’t prioritize because everything is important. That’s exactly the reason why you must prioritize.

What to listen for:

[02:19] Getting work done in reality

[04:44] Understanding how value flows

[07:04] The human capacity for change

[11:27] Designing organizations to be adaptive to change

[13:58] The secret to effective prioritization

[19:55] How context switching hurts efficiency

[23:32] Implementing shared blocks of focused work

[29:11] Visualize your flow of value

[35:44] Brandi’s self-limiting story

[38:37] Quick questions with Brandi

[41:42] Brandi’s challenge to leaders for making a more human workplace


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