Eliminating Glass Ceilings and Sticky Floors with Laura Raynak

When Laura Raynak, Principal and Owner of Raynak Executive Search, became a search consultant, she was one of the only women in the room. She soon realized what we know as the glass ceiling is more like a sticky floor, and embracing what are seen as feminine approaches and believing in yourself were the keys to getting unstuck. In this episode, Laura shares her journey of camaraderie with other women in business and the value of self-worth, sponsorship, and embracing feminine energy. Listen in to hear her insights on the importance of investing in other women and businesses that help the progressive world grow.

Guest Info

Laura Raynak, Principal & Owner - Raynak Executive Search

Laura Raynak exemplifies the best characteristics of the executives she looks for: a head for science and a heart for people, the vision to recognize the big picture, and the focus to track the details. Plus, that very critical talent ─ good instinct. Laura is one of those rare people who just know when something will work out, and when it won’t. Her clients consider this instinct her secret sauce.

Laura has served as an executive talent scout for companies in the life science industry for over 20 years.  Business leaders who have worked with Laura describe her as diligent, determined, thoughtful, and insightful. Clients find her honesty and transparent style of conducting business extremely refreshing. Her professionalism sets the tone for her associates at Raynak Executive Search.

Her broad industry relationships and skill in identifying the best fit for leadership talent is a hallmark of Laura and Raynak Executive Search. She incorporates a personal board of insider connections in her practice and is active with centers of influence such as leading law firms. This strategy gives her invaluable industry knowledge before it becomes public for the advantage of her clients.

Laura earned her BA degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and holds a Certificate in Human Resources Management from UC Extension. Laura is a board member of the NCHRA, an invited expert speaker, and is involved in several community organizations in the executive search and human resource industry.


Show Notes

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Make a list of accomplishments to inspire yourself to keep achieving
  • Focus on being more inclusive with your team to diminish off-putting behavior
  • Find a trusting sponsor to keep you accountable in meeting your goals and help you attain them

What to listen for:

[07:05] Communicating a common value system

[16:11] How to embrace your feminine energy

[19:48] Glass ceilings and sticky floors

[29:06] Laura’s self-limiting story

[33:43] Quick questions with Laura

[37:39] Laura’s challenge to leaders for making a more human workplace


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