Empathy at Work

With decades of cumulative experience fostering high-functioning teams, Lorraine Williams delves into the transformative journey of self-awareness and empathetic interaction, drawing from her tenure as an executive director managing over 1400 people. This episode illuminates the art of "leaving other people feeling felt," creating spaces for emotional expression devoid of judgment, and embracing the truths of others. Listen in as Lorraine shares her story with vidl work colleagues and hosts Rebecca and Natalie as they discuss the intrapersonal revelations and real-world anecdotes that underscore the skill of empathy—a vital tool for authentic connection, promoting a thriving workplace culture.

Key Takeaways

✨ Cultivating empathy in the workplace
✨ The significance of self-awareness for professional growth
✨ Strategies for managing challenging interactions
✨ The power of empathy to fuel connection and courage
✨ The importance of understanding in communication

Things to listen for:

00:00 Empathy, the foundation of better conversations and relationships.
05:47 Workplace colleague made positive change over time.
07:50 Self awareness helps in understanding others' perspectives.
10:50 Challenging empathy with difficult or disliked people.
14:20 Establish upfront dialogue, active listening, mutual understanding.
18:56 Unexpected travel stress leads to improved customer service.
19:55 Upgraded to penthouse, luxury on layover.

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