Episode 11 – Lisa Earle McLeod & Elizabeth Lotardo on Making a Difference by Showing Up Authentically and Anchoring on Our Noble Purpose

In this episode, I speak with Lisa McLeod and Elizabeth Lotardo about what it means to make a difference by leveraging our noble purpose and having the courage to show up as our authentic selves. Our noble purpose is how we make a difference when we’re at our best and in the service of something bigger than ourselves. While their work focuses on sales, we can all do this work (and need to do the work) to clarify our purpose and show up aligned with our best self and purpose. We also talk about how to scale this by moving from numbers and logic to emotion and belief, why The Greatest Showman is a metaphor for everything good in life, and tangible things we can do now to be more effective.

Guest Info

Lisa Earle McLeod, Founder - McLeod & Moore

Lisa McLeod is the global expert on purpose-driven business and the bestselling author of Selling with Noble Purpose: How to Drive Revenue and Do Work That Makes You Proud and Leading with Noble Purpose: How to Create a Tribe of True Believers. Lisa has spent two decades helping leaders increase competitive differentiation and emotional engagement. Her work debunks the myth that money is the primary motivation for most employees. She developed the Noble Purpose philosophy after her research revealed, salespeople who sell with Noble Purpose, who truly want to make a difference to their customers, outsell salespeople who focus on their own targets and quotas.

Lisa is a former Procter & Gamble Sales Leader who founded her own firm, McLeod & More, Inc. in 2001. She helps leaders at organizations like Cisco, Roche, Volvo, and Dave & Busters drive exponential revenue growth. Lisa has keynoted in 25 countries and authored over 2,000 articles. She has made appearances on the Today show and the NBC Nightly News, and her firm’s work has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and NPR.


Elizabeth Lotardo, VP of Client Services - McLeod & Moore

Elizabeth Lotardo is a consultant, researcher, and co-author of Selling with Noble Purpose:

How to Drive Revenue and Do Work that Makes You Proud. As the VP of Services at sales leadership consultancy McLeod & More, Elizabeth leads sales transformation initiatives for clients like Oracle, G Adventures, and Fiserv. She is a popular LinkedInLearning author, and her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and on NPR. With an undergraduate degree in advertising from Boston University and a Master’s in Organizational Psychology, Elizabeth has enabled firms to drive employee engagement, competitive differentiation, and ultimately revenue.


Show Notes

Selling with Noble Purpose: How to Drive Revenue and Do Work that Makes You Proud by Lisa Earle McLeod & Elizabeth Lotardo

In this bestselling book, Lisa and Elizabeth draw on two decades of consulting with leading sales organizations to reveal how a Noble Sales Purpose (NSP) can drive a team to outstanding sales numbers and why salespeople who understand earnestly how they make a difference to customers outperform their more quota-driven counterparts.



Leading with Noble Purpose: How to Create a Tribe of True Believers by Lisa Earle McLeod

In this book, Lisa tackles the employee engagement crisis by showing leaders how to put workplace meaning front and center. She asserts that many organizations are unconsciously squandering their people's passion by putting profit before purpose while hindering performance (and ultimately profit). She shows leaders how to win the hearts and minds of employees, clients and stakeholders through a Noble Sales Purpose, reframe your approach to metrics to accelerate performance, and  create a tribe of True Believers who drive revenue and do honorable work.


Behind the Scenes

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