Episode 13 – Wendy Lynch on the Power of Listening, Asking Thoughtful Questions, and Getting to What Really Matters

Every conversation and interaction I have with Wendy Lynch is like a calming, warm hug! She is such an incredible leader who is so humble (as you’ll hear, she doesn’t even consider herself a leader). We talk about her work for getting to what matters and key tools we can all use to transform conversations in our lives. We use her tools as core content in our workshops on improved communication to help people have a common foundation for how to listen and create safe spaces for people to feel valued and heard. I think her work matters now more than ever (no pun intended) given how divisive our world has become. I hope you’ll leave our conversation uplifted, hopeful, and with tools to show up more intentionally and effectively in your conversations with others.

Guest Info

Wendy Lynch, Ph.D., Founder - Lynch Consulting and Co-founder - Get to What Matters, LLC

For 35 years, Dr. Wendy Lynch has been making the connection between human and business performance.  At heart, she is a sense-maker and translator: nerd-to-corporate and corporate-to-nerd.

A consultant to numerous Fortune 100 companies, her career includes positions of faculty at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Vice President of Strategic Development at HCMS Group, Principal at Mercer Human Resource Consulting and Board of Directors for two publicly-traded firms. Now Dr. Lynch runs her own consulting firm and holds an adjunct position of Associate Professor at IUPUI. Her current research efforts focus on the application of Big Data solutions in Human Capital Management. 

As a research scientist working in the business world, Dr. Lynch has learned to straddle commercial and academic goals, converting analytic results into market success. Through her experience in diverse work settings—including digital start-ups, century-old insurers, academic medical centers, consulting firms, health care providers and the board room—she became familiar (and fascinated) with the unique language of each.  

That experience led to her true passion of promoting clear and meaningful conversation that promotes mutual understanding and success. A frequent speaker, and author of over 100 articles and reports, Dr. Lynch has also published three books: Who Survives, Aligning incentives, information and choice and, most recently, Get to What Matters.



Show Notes

Get to What Matters  by Wendy Lynch and Clydette deGroot

This is Wendy's latest book which offers a toolbox to help defuse tension, overcome challenges, and create trust to take your conversations to a gratifying level.

Lynch Consulting - this is Wendy’s company where you can learn more about her consulting and speaking services. 

Get to What Matters, LLC - provides tools to navigate your conversations toward a desired destination. Instead of anxiety and uncertainly in a difficult interaction, you can feel in control—with a toolbox of options to dig deeper into what people mean and want.

Get to What Matters “Rap” - this is the spoken poetry/rap Wendy does that she mentioned in our conversation.

Heart of Human Capital - this is a blog for leaders dedicated to finding a win-win, where companies and their people thrive together.

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