Episode 18 – Carley Kammerer on Wading in the Messy Middle and Finding Our Authentic Self

This is probably one of the most transparent, authentic, human conversations I’ve had yet on this podcast. Carley Kammerer, CEO of Wildflyer Coffee, openly shares her journey as a force trying to end youth homelessness and in reconnecting to who she is as a person and a leader. Her journey is so commonly human, and I know you’ll find yourself resonating with so much of it - from recognizing the limitations of showing up trying to be hyper-productive and all things to all people to giving ourselves permission to feel, be human and find and embrace our authentic selves. I hope you walk away from this conversation inspired, enlightened and embracing more of your own unique gifts.

Guest Info

Carley Kammerer, LSW, CEO - Wildflyer Coffee

Carley is a licensed social worker who has built an eight-year-long career working with youth experiencing homelessness in various capacities. She currently works as the CEO of Wildflyer Coffee, a nonprofit coffee company she co-founded that employs youth experiencing homelessness and teaches them critical job and life skills to help them build a brighter future. 

Carley also sits on the Young Professionals Board for Youthlink and mentors through Big Brothers Big Sisters. She is incredibly passionate about finding new, sustainable solutions to ending youth homelessness, encouraging leadership, and advocating for mental health and wellness in young female leaders.  


 Show Notes

Wildflyer Coffee - this is the company Carley founded where you can learn more about what they do and the youth they support; and you can support them through their online store and donations.

Spring Forward MN Donation Campaign - in order to further Wildflyer’s efforts, they need to raise an additional $10,000 in May to be able to expand their efforts. COVID-19 dramatically altered an already challenging reality for youth experiencing homelessness. As unemployment rises and entry-level jobs decrease, youth are facing higher barriers than ever before. In addition to paid work, Wildflyer’s youth need housing assistance, mental health referrals, skills coaching, education help, and future career planning. It's crucial to support youth holistically so they graduate from their program fully equipped with the skills and confidence to succeed. Even small donations can help. Please consider giving today.

Behind the Scenes

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