Episode 20 – Jaime Taets on Embracing Our Humanity and Navigating Our Messy Journey to Success

I LOVED this conversation with my sister from another mister - Jaime Taets. She is a successful business owner, new author and all-around kick-ass human being. We talk about normalizing all the messiness of being human and the things we all go through that can keep us stuck. Jaime openly shares her own struggles and journey; she even shares her “Bad Moms” movie moment - losing it at a PTA meeting and lessons for saying “no” and setting healthy boundaries. There are so many great reminders and nuggets of wisdom in our conversation. I hope you walk away feeling a little less alone in your struggles and having insights for how to let your gifts shine.

Guest Info

Jaime Taets CEO - Keystone Group International

CEO, public speaker, author, podcast host, and thought leader… in every one of these roles, Jaime Taets helps people reach their potential. She isn’t afraid to have “get real” conversations about the things that often limit people from achieving success. Harnessing her own leadership experiences, she inspires frank and sometimes challenging discussions about the crossroads between high-performance and healthy change. Ultimately, her solution-focused insights help people go from stuck to success every day—at work, home, and in their personal lives. 

Jaime is CEO of Keystone International Group, host of “Superpower Success Podcast,” and a keynote speaker. She, her husband, and their four children live in Mound, Minnesota. 


 Show Notes

You Are Here: Kick Ass Inspiration for Navigating Your Journey to Success by Jaime Taets

This book serves as a reference guide full of all sorts of helpful reminders, reinforcers and inspiration for when our humanity gets the best of us and how we can get unstuck, step into our greatness and show up as a leader.


JaimeTaets.com - This is Jaime’s website where you can learn more about her, read her blog posts and stay connected with inspiration and resources to help you get unstuck.

Superpower Success Podcast - check out Jaime’s podcast where she focuses on normalizing the human experience and sharing real-life stories from people on their approach to achieving real success (I was a guest on it, and we had a fantastic conversation!)

Keystone Group International - this is the company Jaime founded in 2013 that focuses on transforming organizations and leaders to help them get unstuck and improve strategy, culture and maximize the employee experience.


Behind the Scenes

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