Episode 24 – Mark Kenny on Eliminating Territorial Thinking and Unleashing the Power of Teams

I so enjoyed this conversation with my fellow Table Group Consultant and Practitioner Alliance colleague, Mark Kenny. He is a successful business owner, keynote speaker, new author and a wonderfully authentic dude. We talk about the importance of being able to truly operate as a team - both within and outside of organizations. Mark discusses why this matters now more than ever, what gets in our way, and some key things we can do to start to address the gaps between silos and get out of our own territorial, self-protective ways to collaborate with others, serve a common purpose, and have a greater impact. I think you’ll walk away with some wonderful insights and tangible actions you can take right now to show up as a leader and unleash the power of teams.

Guest Info

Mark Kenny, President and Chief Hippo - Hippo Solutions

Author and keynote speaker Mark Kenny works with leaders who want to eliminate territorial thinking, create an unstoppable strategic alignment, and build a stronger leadership team. For over 25 years, he has worked to improve the results of teams in hundreds of organizations, originally in IT and operations, and later in keynote speaking and consulting. Mark is the author of The Hippo Solution: Eliminate Territorial Thinking and Unleash the Power of Teams.

Mark’s passion for teamwork extends beyond the workplace as a high school basketball coach and volunteer leader. Mark is a member of the National Speakers Association, an aviation enthusiast, an avid basketball player, and a lifelong Green Bay Packers fan. Mark lives outside of Nashville, Tennessee with his wife, daughter, and three adult sons.


 Show Notes

The Hippo Solution by Mark Kenny

Did you know that hippos are one of the most territorial, hostile animals on the planet? This book provides a roadmap for leaders to transform their organization from hippo-esque territorial thinking to a culture of teamwork that breeds speed, adaptability, and peak performance.


Mark Kenny Speaks - this is Mark’s speaking page where you can learn more about how he inspires and equips leaders to eliminate territorial thinking and align their teams together to survive in this period of disruption.


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